Gestapo Gas Bombs

    Newcastle Evening Standard - Wednesday 20th June 1945 Gas Bombs? 600 Jews locked in a room? This in new method of extermination that I haven't heard before.

Nazis made soap from 26,000,000 bodies

Western Daily Press - Friday 31 August 1945 Full text reads 26,000,000 Were Liquidated MANTOUT, 38-year-old French Air Force officer directing France's drive to bring minor war criminals to justice, declared yesterday that the Germans made soap from the remains of murdered people in death camps. At least 26,000.000 persons were methodically exterminated in these camps, he … Continue reading Nazis made soap from 26,000,000 bodies

6,000,000 Jews 1879

Swindon Advertiser and North Wilts Chronicle - Saturday 18 January 1879 Yet again the magical Six Million Jews figure manifests like some echoing leitmotif through history. It appears to be quite an unintentionally prophetic article though. The author criticises the opinion of a previous writer on the plan of the Zionists and the fulfilment of prophesy by … Continue reading 6,000,000 Jews 1879