Legionaries of Judah

Western Morning News 16th January 1939

I thought I’d start this blog with this cutting as it sums up the essence of the anomalies and questions I have about the Holocaust. Firstly the “Six Million Jew” figure and secondly the Zionism and Palestine reference. Also it contains another trope from the Holocaust story “the solution to the Jewish Question”. Also this is a newspaper article almost nine months before World War Two even started.

The article is from the letters to the Editor section. Here is the transcript of the entire piece by C. Duvivier.

Legionaries Of Judah Sir.—Mr. Payne still has to be convinced that the presence of Jews within a nation will not make it politically secure, nor deliver it from the “wrath of Heaven.” Once again let me quote straight from the horse’s mouth, the American Hebrew

.” September 10. 1920: What Jewish idealism and discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia, the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart are tending promote other countries.”

Does Mr. Payne not know that the Jews aim at world domination? Thus in its article on the Messiah the Jewish Encyclopaedia says:

“His mission is in all essential respects the same as the apocalypsis of the older period; he is to free Israel from the power of the heathen world kill its ruler and destroy its hosts and set up his own kingdom of peace.”

How else could they achieve this other than by fomenting wars and revolutions’ Disraeli admitted as much in his book “Coningsby”.Finally as to Palestine. I quote Louis Marshall. A prominent American Zionist writing to Max Senior, dated New York September 26, 1918:

“The Balfour declaration means both more and less than appears on the surface. Zionism is but an incident of a far-reaching plan; it is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon.”

Senior’s reply is direct and fearless “You and I and the Zionist know that Palestine offers no solution for the Jewish question. Six million Jews cannot be removed to Palestine.” And events since then have certainly borne him out remembering that there are a good many more than six million Jews to settle ie a national home. Yet we persist in oui blind folly in forcing this solution on Arab population at the point of British bayonets. Truly can some people say that we are the foreign legionaries of Judah!

C. DUVIVIER. Sanctuary Farm Woodbury. Exeter Jan. 11.  


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