Nazi Persecution

Sussex Express and Herald- Friday 9th April 1943

This clipping is from roughly two years before the Nuremberg Trials, the place where it was decided that “Six Million Jews” were executed by the Nazis. Was this an accurate estimate of Jews living in occupied Europe or was this following preordained symbolic number. Let’s go further down the rabbit hole.

Here is the full article.



ln his pamphlet “Let my people go,” published January and already its sixth edition, Mr. Victor Gollancz, the Jewish author and publisher, declares that unless something effective is done all the six million Jews in Nazi occupied Europe will be dead. I shall be told,” he writes, ” that the best way to save these people is to win the war. Of course—but what chance is there of winning it in time to save them? There are practical things that might be done now, though very soon it may be too late—things which would not interfere with the winning of the war. and might perhaps even hasten it showing oppressed people all over the earth that we desperately loathe cruelty and oppression and are willing to do our very utmost to prevent it, even when it affects ‘only foreigners.’ What are these things that might be done ? ” Mr. Gollancz will, no doubt, give an answer to that question when, as announced in our columns, he will address public meeting in St. Michael’s Church, Lewes, on Sunday next, at 3 p.m. Opportunity for questions will be given. There will be recital music from 2.30 to 3 p.m.

It has to be remembered that a huge black propaganda machine was running in most countries throughout the second world war. Every country with a vested interest was churning out “information” that was weaponised to vilify and discredit respective enemies. Probably very similar to news reporting these days.




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