The Thursday Club

Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser – Friday 18 February 1938

Another reference to the totemic six million figure. This is around seven years before the Nuremberg trials.

Here is the full text from the article:

THE THURSDAY CLUB.—It will remembered that some time ago a lecture was given to the Thursday Club on Palestine for the Arab.” At Thursday’s meeting, held at SI. Mary s Hall, the members of the Club heard the other side of the question, when Mr. L. Bakstanski, general secretary of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, spoke on •Palestine: the Jewish Point of View.” In the course of an Interesting address Mr Bakstanski said that the Jews had always looked on Palestine as their own land, because all the finest parts of their history were associated with it. At present there were more than six million Jews roaming about the world with no land that they could return to as their home. The Arabs claimed that Palestine was part of their empire, but there were very few people who realised that even without such a tiny land as Palestine, the Arabs would still have an area almost equal to the biggest In Europe. For the Jews. Palestine had always been looked upon as the ” land of promise ” and they very much regretted the trouble that their neighbours were causing there at the present time The Jews themselves were only too glad to be able to Join in with the British in their endeavours to make peace In Palestine. The Ideals of the Society of which he was general secretary was to get the Jews back to their own country, where they could live in quietness, and as one big family. Palestine was. after all. the country of the Jews, and It was for the Jews to live in their own land.

At some point I will investigate further into this Mr L Bakstanski


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