Electric Holocaust

It’s interesting to note that throughout the war electricity was reported to be one of the methods that the Nazis were using to exterminate the Jews. I don’t remember being taught this at school. It appears this manner of mass execution has been quietly dropped from the official Holocaust narrative.


Gloucestershire Echo – Friday 11th December 1942

Section of text reads:

Before the war began there were over three million Jews in Poland. More than a third of them have been butchered. Perhaps the most impressive part of the Polish Government’s exposure of Nazi brutality is its detailed and circumstantial story of the “liquidation” of the Warsaw ghetto. Two years ago it contained 400,000 Jews,” but the death-rate decimated its population. Even that rate was not enough to please the German savages, so that this summer there were daily drafts of 6,000 to 7,000 sent away to “execution camps” and killed either by gas or electrocution.

Here is another reference to electrocution.


Sunday Mirror – Sunday 20 December 1942

Text reads:

Deportations were carried out at the rate of 10,000 day. Places of execution were organised at Chelm and Belzec here murders en masse are carried out means of electrocution and lethal gas

One more.


Daily Record – Thursday 10th December 1942

Text reads:

“Men, women and children are ruthlessly put to death by massacre, poison gas, electrocution, and by being sent on long journeys to unknown destinations in bitterly cold weather, without food and drink. Children are cast from trucks to the side of the railway.

It appears that Belzec is the camp most frequently assosiated with the electrocution method of mass executions. I will return to this subject later.

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One thought on “Electric Holocaust

  1. Shortly after the war, the official historians decided on gas chambers for all alleged extermination camps. They realized that their war time atrocity propaganda was so far fetched, so fantastic, that people would not believe it. Supposedly steam was used at Treblinka and chlorine at Sobibor to kill Jews.

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