Dresden Is Obliterated


Northern Whig- Monday 5th March 1945


Text reads:


DRESDEN has been completely wiped out by the massive RAF blows on February 14 and 15. Not a single building remains and tens of thousands of it’s citizens are buried under the ruins the Germans overseas news agency reported last night. Rudolf Sparing, the agency, war correspondent. The raids caused the greatest destruction a big urban area has ever suffered. In the inner town not a single block of buildings, not a single detached building, remains intact, even capable of reconstruction. The town area devoid of human life. A great city has been wiped from the .map Europe Tens of thousands who lived in the city are now buried under its ruins. Even an attempt at identification of the victims is hopeless, he continued. •• what happened on that evening of February There were 1.000.000 people in Dresden, including 600,000 bombed out evacuees and refugees from the East, The raging fires which spread irresistibly in the narrow streets killed great many from sheer lack of oxygen. Tens of thousands who succeeded in getting out fled to the green belt round the city. Then at midnight another British bomber fleet appeared the blood red horizon and caused further destruction with fragmentation bombs and machine-guns. Twelve hours a third wave spread further devastation “We can only speak of Dresden in the past tense,” Sparing concluded.

I wonder if the article next to this one “Nazis’ commercial haggle over death furnaces” was placed purposely next to this one to counteract the enormity of the Dresden raid.

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