Jews return to Palestine 1920

Falkirk Herald – Wednesday 12th May 1920


JEWS RETURN TO PALESTINE.—“ I do not think there will anything’ like a general exodus of from this country,” said Weizman, Zionist leader, who has just returned London from Saint Remo, Press Association representative. “There is, however, likelihood that many Jews, how domiciled in England will there, he added. The object of. re-settlement. Weizman said, would be to make Palestine Jewish national home. Palestine can provide accommodation for about six million people, and Dr Weizinan anticipates that emigration, which will be largely from countries where Jews are oppressed, Russia and Poland, will soon begin. The scheme provides for the re-settlement during the hrd year from 25.000 to 30,000. but in the following year doubt the number dealt with reach 100.000. new civil administration of Palestine will begin in about a month, present Palestine is suffering from a shortage of houses. least 5000 are required to meet .the demands the immediate future. the work reconstruction begins in Palestine, and friendly co-operation with the. Arabs is established, it will contribute greatly settlement the Near East. think.’’ .-slid. that the role of the Jew to bring hack settled conditions into a part of the world which is present process being broken up” Plane have been a]approved for tire erection of Jewish university on the slopes of Mount Scopus. order accomplish the of the Jews in Palestine, a sum between £25.000.000 and £30,000.000 will required, but dot’s not anticipate any great difficulty in raising the money.



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