Holocaust Numbers?

Here’s a short video questioning the media and the holocaust numbers. What is also interesting is the comments section. There appears to be a hell of a lot of holocaust deniers out there.



5 thoughts on “Holocaust Numbers?

  1. God, that’s funny.
    YouTube deniers are the lowest common denominator deniers. I especially love the fact that the narrator admits he KNOWS NOTHING about the history involved and yet he feels he can comment about it.

    Wiesenthal’s “made up dead” were not “made up,” he simply included them with the Jewish total in a misguided attempt to be inclusive.

    The reality is that yes, over three million Red Army POW’s, 200,000 disabled, 10,000 Polish elite, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc., etc., all died by either direct or indirect action. Wiesenthal was wrong to include them but right in drawing attention to non-Jewish victims.


  2. Just as a follow up, their only answers when I engage them is to call me a Jew and bring up old, worn out denier canards like the 4 million at Auschwitz.


      1. But, these were debunked by Nizkor in the 1990’s.

        Alleged denier “research” is woefully behind. As a consequence, none of this is new. The scholarship regarding the Holocaust is constantly being updated, I’ve read books on Chelmno recently published in 2012 using new research and David Cesarani’s book on the subject covers vast new areas. So did a recent book by Peter Hayes.

        So, YouTube deniers bring up horrendously outdated information to fool those who know very little about it. When confronted they resort to racist comments. They refuse to debate this on actual forums, probably because they know so little about it they would get blown out of the water.


  3. Really, blow out of the water? Say, you know, they dug at Belzec between 1997 and 1999, and, not so sorry to say, they did not find mass graves. Only a few scattered and rather shallow graves and a few bones – not hundreds of thousands!

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