SS Whipping Machine

SS whipping machine
The SS at Auschwitz devise a whipping machine.

Lancashire Evening Post – 28th January 1946


Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier was a member of the French Resistance and later a prisoner at Auschwitz and Ravensbruck and gave evidence at the Nuremberg trials.

What I find interesting from this eye witness account from Auschwitz giving evidence at the Nuremberg trials is that the SS devised a machine to whip inmates. I would presume a piece of equipment like that would take some modicum of ingenuity to create. So inflicting pain seems to have taken precedence in design terms than mass murder as it seems the best Nazi scientists could come up with for the final solution was to crudely knock a few holes in a mortuary roof and pour in flea powder into it.

Text reads:


Whippings were administered so often at Auschwitz that the SS. finally devised a whipping machine to save time.” Madame Couturier described Ravensbruck as a “slave market.’ ; It was the main source for female labour for the factories. On ” market day.” the women : were lined up and visiting factory managers felt their muscles to select the best physical specimens ‘ At the Ravensbruck camp, to which she was transferred in May. 1944, thousands of Poles including women, were used as “guinea pigs’ in experiments.

As Mme. Couturier left the box she directed a last look of hatred Goering and his associates.

Lieutenant Georges Veith described how 47 British Airmen and Dutch flying officers were massacred by guards at Matthausen in September 1944. the pretext that the- were trying to escape. Victor Dupont swore he frequently saw wives tortured at Buchenwald in front of their husbands. and children before their mothers. Inmates at Buchenwald were degraded even in death. —Reuter and British United Press.


I believe the article relates to the testimony below that she gave during the trials.

M. DUBOST: Who meted out punishments?

MME. VAILLANT-COUTURIER: The SS leaders, men and women.

M. DUBOST: What was the nature of the punishments?

NNE. VAILLANT-COUTURIER: Bodily ill-treatment in particular. One of the most usual punishments was 50 blows with a stick on the loins. They were administered with a machine which I saw, a swinging apparatus manipulated by an SS. There were also endless roll calls day and night, or gymnastics; flat on the belly, get up, lie down, up, down, for hours, and anyone who fell was beaten unmercifully and taken to Block 25.


Dachau Gas Chamber

Dachau Gas Chamber

Now ya see it. Now ya don’t!

Dachau Gas Chamber
Hull Daily Mail- Wednesday 02 November 1949


We seem to have a little contradiction here. In 1949 this newspaper reported about the “gas chamber” at Dachau. Now today, official wisdom says there was no gas chamber at Dachau. Who is right?

Text reads:

Must Take a Shower

 Now, at Dachau, they live hemmed in by instruments of horror. Their ramshackle barracks sprawl under the shadow cast by a towering brick chimney rising from a low concrete building—the camp crematorium, near to which an engraved bronze plaque starkly states: This area is being retained as a shrine to the 238,000 individuals who were cremated here.” Strolls take the Sudeten refugees past other macabre landmarks ” hanging trees ” with neatly-looped nooses, gallows, and the pistol range where Hitler’s infamous SS guards practised marksmanship on living targets. By contrast the crematorium seems almost merciful. In logical one, two, three sequence is divided into shower room, gas chamber, and furnace room. At Nuremberg an SS officer testified, “There was never any trouble in the gas chambers. We just explained to the Jews that, after the long train ride, they were dirty and must take a shower.” The victims, their pores opened by the hot steam, were then herded into the gas chamber, there be exterminated and finally passed on to the crematorium.

Superstition Among Villagers

Gas jets still protrude like horns from the low ceiling of the gas chamber. In the long furnace room are four furnaces, ‘ two in the centre and one on each side, each big enough to hold two bodies at once. Trays shaped to fit the contours of the, body still gape from each furnace opening. Clustered on a tree-lined hill top a few miles from the former concentration camp are the pleasant, white-painted cottages of Dachau village. The villagers look prosperous in their red-trimmed green Bavarian jackets. lederhosen, and green hats. But among them a superstition is growing. “The essences of death,” they whisper,” which once puffed from the crematorium’s smoke stack and hung over the countryside have settled like a poisonous gas on Dachau moor. “It’s the gas,” a villager may mutter when he breaks out in a rash

Now in comparison, the USHMM says there is no evidence of this gas chamber being used to kill people. Who is right?

Or is the more likely explanation that the gas chamber claim was just part of war time propaganda that could not be backed up by hard evidence and was quietly dropped. Subsequently the gas chamber myth was transported in cattle cars to the east.


The gallows and firing range story continues.

Also note that the article claims 238,000 were cremated at Dachau yet that bastion of truth and facts claims

Over the 12 years of use as a concentration camp, the Dachau administration recorded the intake of 206,206 prisoners and deaths of 31,951. Crematoria were constructed to dispose of the deceased. Visitors may now walk through the buildings and view the ovens used to cremate bodies, which hid the evidence of many deaths. It is claimed that in 1942, more than 3,166 prisoners in weakened condition were transported to Hartheim Castle near Linz, and were executed by poison gas because they were deemed unfit.[40][47] Between January and April 1945 11,560 detainees died at KZ Dachau according to a U.S. Army report of 1945,[48] though the Dachau administration registered 12,596 deaths from typhus at the camp over the same period

Therefore in that logic more people were cremated than had actually passed through the prison camp. Holocaust logic, questioning the holocaust can get you sent to prison in some countries. Questioning the holocaust can ruin your livelihood and job prospects in most countries.

There is something rotten in the sate of Denmark.


Bones as Fertilizers

Northern Whig - Friday 31st August 1945
Northern Whig – Friday 31st August 1945


Text reads:


Bones as fertilizers

Human bones from the camps were used as raw material for the manufacture of chemical fertilizers, while the fats were turned into soap.

He based his estimate of 26,000,000  —which does not include war casualties—on documentary proof, the evidence of death-camp survivors and the sworn statements of former German guards or commanders of camps.

Colonel Mantout said that the figure of 26,000,00 was, if anything, well below the actual total of people put to death. The great majority were political deportees. Jews represented less than one-fifth of the total and prisoners of war less than 1.000.000. The Germans planned the extermination of the population of the Ukraine Sub-Carpathian Russia, part, of Poland, and certain parts of the Baltic States, as well as of all Jews Europe.

Six Million Jews 1906

Leeds Mercury- Monday 27 August 1906 six
Leeds Mercury – 27th August 1906

Another repetition of the Six Million mantra but from 1906.

Text reads:




 St. Petersburg, Saturday.

 Dr. Paul Nathan, one of the leading Jews of Berlin, and colleague of Dr. Barth in the editorship of the Nation,” had an interview with M. Stolypin yesterday, in the course of which the Prime Minister assured him he attached the greatest importance to the question the future political and economic position of the six million Russian Jew’s, and that he ranked it among the State problems which most urgently called for solution. Dr. Nathan has convinced him that there is a tendency in Ministerial circles to sanction certain measures of relief for the Jewish population before the meeting of the new Duma, leaving, however, to that body the decision of their eventual Constitutional position and rights. It is, nevertheless, very doubtful whether even these intentions can be acted upon by the present Cabinet. Unofficial reactionary influences are alone strong enough to defeat all liberal efforts, and it is even possible pogroms may once more be invoked in order strengthen the reactionary attitude of the Government. In this connection, to-day s news from Jitomir, where a pogrom propaganda is reported to be in full swing, is causing apprehension.



Northern Whig – Friday 31st August 1945

My word! The holocaust was worse than we imagined. 26 million people turned into soap by the Nazis. I’d heard that the Nazis were into ethnic cleansing and apparently they meant it literally. Imagine all the soap suds when 1,200,000 people were liquidated that day in Auschwitz. You could almost say “I see lies, horrid lies and the Soła foaming with much suds”.

On the holocaust mathematical side of the equation. 26,000,000 people were murdered and turned into soap. 6,000,000 of them Jews so that leaves just 2 Gentiles. They were probably just turned into ashtrays. Ergo

26,000,000 – 6,000,000 = 2

But seriously, absurdities like this have help form the narrative of the whole holocaust legend. In the wake of Amazon crumbling under pressure from the holocaust industry, books pointing out the ridiculous nonsense like the soap stories and the complete unfeasibility of the “Gas Chambers” have been banned from sale on the site. It’s a worn out old adage but true, “Truth does not fear investigation” so why imprison or censor anyone who investigates the “Truth”?

Text reads:


Colonel MANTOUT, 38-year-old French Air Force officer directing Frances drive to bring minor war criminals to Justice, declared in Paris yesterday that the Germans made soap from the remains of murdered people in death camps.

At least 26,000,000 persons were methodically exterminated in camps, he said. He had collected evidence showing that on one day in April, 1944, 1,200,000 people were liquidated in the various camps at Auschwitz, Poland



Lampshades of human skin

Belfast News-Letter-Friday 15 August 1947 lamps
Belfast News-letter –  Friday 15th August 1947

Lampshades made of human skin???
What kind of mind could come up with such a devilish creation?

Of course only the Nazi mind could devise such horrors. Yet some vile degenerate people who refuse to believe everything they are told insist that stories like these were simply made up to frame the Germans at the Nuremburg trials.