Gas Chamber Certificate 

I was stunned to learn this morning that victims of the gas chambers received a death certificate before they were due to be exterminated. I suppose it is credible as after all it is the best documented Holocaust in history and the Nazis were obsessed with bureaucracy. 

Here’s a quote from the article on the Wiltshire Times website.

“After his talk he showed pupils fascinating documents including his death certificate, which he received when he was due to face the gas chamber.

I can only assume the reporter misunderstood what was being said and misinterpreted the documents shown. I mean no one would make stuff up about such a serious subject would they? 


2 thoughts on “Gas Chamber Certificate 

  1. The Soviets captured the records of the work camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau (for the many birch trees in the area), in late January, 1945. The Germans had recorded something like 400,000 deaths in the entire 3 and a half years of operation. These records were reviewed in Moscow (Soviet Archives) after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 by western researchers. Who are we to believe? The Holocaust Industry that has exaggerated claims in the past, or the Germans who kept meticulous records?

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    1. Ah but in the case of the number of gas chamber victims no records were kept. Also in the whole of the planning of the extermination of six million Jews before no records were kept and detailed instructions and orders on the genocide were conveyed by telepathy and innuendo throughout the Nazi regime.

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