Lampshades of human skin

Belfast News-Letter-Friday 15 August 1947 lamps
Belfast News-letter –  Friday 15th August 1947

Lampshades made of human skin???
What kind of mind could come up with such a devilish creation?

Of course only the Nazi mind could devise such horrors. Yet some vile degenerate people who refuse to believe everything they are told insist that stories like these were simply made up to frame the Germans at the Nuremburg trials.  


5 thoughts on “Lampshades of human skin

      1. Mr Dodd assistant United States prosecutor read out these claims of lampshades and shrunken heads during the trials Thursday 13th December 1945.
        lol the defendants were convicted before they even went on trial.


    1. Did these claims lead to the conviction of these defendants? At their sentencing, was this cited as a reason for conviction and how these defendants were sentenced?

      Which defendants do you claim were considered guilty before the trial?


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