Six Million Jews- 1910

Six million Jews
Gloucestshire Echo – Tuesday 26 April 1910

Just another mention of the six million mantra. It doesn’t prove anything. It’s just an example of the repetition of Six Million Jews meme before there was such things as memes.



5 thoughts on “Six Million Jews- 1910

      1. So, I have questions.
        Where did most of the Jewish population live before WW II?

        Where did most of these Jews live?


      2. Judging purely by information from the newspaper archives it appears Russia and Poland were some of the main population centres. It seems no one had any accurate statistics as the figures can differ widely. The six million figure appears to recur more often than say five or seven million.


      3. They were the main population centers of Jews in Europe. So, yes, in times of crisis or when pogroms occurred this population would be in danger.
        Because the Russian Government itself was antisemitic. So was the German Government under Kaiser Wilhelm.


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