Bones as Fertilizers

Northern Whig - Friday 31st August 1945
Northern Whig – Friday 31st August 1945


Text reads:


Bones as fertilizers

Human bones from the camps were used as raw material for the manufacture of chemical fertilizers, while the fats were turned into soap.

He based his estimate of 26,000,000  —which does not include war casualties—on documentary proof, the evidence of death-camp survivors and the sworn statements of former German guards or commanders of camps.

Colonel Mantout said that the figure of 26,000,00 was, if anything, well below the actual total of people put to death. The great majority were political deportees. Jews represented less than one-fifth of the total and prisoners of war less than 1.000.000. The Germans planned the extermination of the population of the Ukraine Sub-Carpathian Russia, part, of Poland, and certain parts of the Baltic States, as well as of all Jews Europe.


8 thoughts on “Bones as Fertilizers

  1. This absurd 26,000,000 figure must be from Kurt Gerstein’s report. Gerstein died under mysterious circumstances in a French prison at the end of July, 1945. Being dead, he could not be cross-examined on his wild claims, which were used to make Belzec into a death camp, when in reality it was a transit camp.

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      1. Thank you so much, you are too kind. I look forward to the abuse to come. I must admit, you have gave me pause for thought and I do need to reassess what I’m doing this blog. It has been remiss of me not to study the “official” orthodox literature on this subject. I am remedying this omission by reading the authoritative books on the matter. It may be a surprise to you but I would not want to erroneously believe in something based on an ideological or political notion. If material physical evidence can be provided or a sound rational explanation for all the Holocaust absurdities I’d be happy to aquiesce.
        I take it as a compliment that you describe me as “He’s not so bad really,”.


      2. “I take it as a compliment that you describe me as “He’s not so bad really,”.”

        You should. You are, after all, fairly polite. I appreciate that quality as it seems to be lacking nowadays.
        I hope you appreciate that I try and remain civil during our discussions. I don’t mind having a conversation about the subject as long as it remains civil. Obnoxious behavior makes me turn snarky.


      3. Agreed, I find insults and ad hominem attacks worthless. I do believe that we may be diametrically opposed but I do believe that you are a person of integrity. Anyway the Auschwitz book by Laurence Rees arrived today, I’ve read the introduction but I must confess that I doubt there will be a Saul on the road to Damascus moment.
        Time will tell and I’ll endeavour to keep an open unbiased mind.


      4. I actually recommend that you read Christian Gerlach’s The Extermination of the European Jews and David Cesarani’s The Final Solution.

        Both complement each other very well. Rees is a good start, I recommend his book as a starting point but the other two go into much more detail.


      5. Yes you are right, but it was just expediency that I ended up with Laurence Rees book. I must admit I doubt there will be a Saul on the road to Damascus moment with this book. Already I have seen the whole creaking infrastructure of the holocaust story. I’ll continue with the book and in the fullness of time I will read your recommendations.


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