And So It Begins

Pall Mall Gazette - Wednesday 20 July 1921 Well well, 1921. That's 12 years before old Adolf Hitler came to power and six million Jews faced extermination, wow it's almost like someone had written a script. Text reads; JEWS IN PERIL SIX MILLIONS FACING MASSACRE PARIS, Wednesday. A Berlin message says that in Russia six … Continue reading And So It Begins


No April Fools

No it's no April Fools joke. Apparently the Germans used Jews as horses according to this article. It's all true you've heard from the horse's mouth. Text reads: Doomed Jews As Horses WHEN all the Jews of Borisov ' were underground. 8.000 more were taken to the town from other areas and on their way … Continue reading No April Fools

A Comedy of Clichés 

My word, what a treasure trove of Holohoaxery we have here. This is a news article concerning some of the very few of the millions of Holocaust Survivors. Holocaust survivor shares story of horror of war at Air Force museum I don't doubt the poor gentleman's sincerity and I wouldn't  wish to mock the … Continue reading A Comedy of Clichés