No April Fools

Daily Herald - Wednesday 01 April 1942 horses
Daily Herald – Wednesday 1st April 1942

No it’s no April Fools joke. Apparently the Germans used Jews as horses according to this article. It’s all true you’ve heard from the horse’s mouth.

Text reads:

Doomed Jews As Horses

WHEN all the Jews of Borisov ‘ were underground. 8.000 more were taken to the town from other areas and on their way to the death-place, harnessed to coaches place of horses, and ” forced to haul their executioners to the execution ground.” Soon after, all the Nazi newspapers in White Russia cynically reported: “The Jewish problem in White Russia is now solved. But there are still 5.000.000 Jews left alive in the United States


2 thoughts on “No April Fools

  1. Yes, and guess what? Many of those Jews in the US are from waves of Russian Jewish immigration after the failed 1905 coup in Russia, and again after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. And, then after the war, the US in the 1940s took many “survivors” from Europe who were Jews.

    The question arises, given that Jews largely spearheaded various and sundry liberal movements in the US, was this Jewish immigration to the US a good thing for Americans?

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    1. I think we both know the answer to that question. Speaking as an outsider I think the Frankfurt school of thought has been one of the most corrosive influences on the US. You will have more insight into that than I have though.


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