4,000,000 Jews @ Auschwitz 

Auschwitz 4,000,000 Jews

Liverpool Echo –Friday 21 September 1945

It’s that hoary old chestnut again. In 1945 4,000,000 Jews reported to have been murdered in Auschwitz compared to todays “official” figure of 1.5 million. The 4,000,000 figure was counted as part of the totemic 6,000,000 figure back then so why is there not a corresponding drop to reflect this decrease? 

Look it’s all true, holocaust survivors testimony is sacrosanct and can’t be questioned. There was even a prisoner that kept records to prove it. Somebody must be lying somewhere then. 


3 thoughts on “4,000,000 Jews @ Auschwitz 

  1. Wow, I guess that settles it: one “eye witness” kept records. Debate over.

    Except that the troubling fact is that when the official figure for this notorious camp dropped, the Six Million did not also decline. How is this possible? Because estimates of deaths from the Einzatsgruppen and the other “death” camps went up. Holocaust math is that way, sorry to say.

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    1. Except that the Soviets that investigated the camp never mentioned Jews.

      Yes, it’s that old hoary denier chestnut.


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