Nazi Death Trains

Belfast News-Letter - Friday 04 August 1944 Death Trains
Belfast News-Letter

I wonder where those homicidal gas trains are now. I presume the Nazis blew them up to hide the evidence or is this just more wartime propaganda.

Text reads:

Another member of the party, M. Celt, brought back the latest information on the massacre of Hungarian Jew’s obtained from Poles inside the notorious Oswiecim camp. The Jews, he said, were being enticed into death trains with promises that they were to be exchanged for German prisoners now in Allied hands or that they were being sent to Switzerland.
Once In the trains, they were gassed and their bodies burned on open fires. Small children were no longer being gassed but were, thrown alive into the fires. About 100 English Jews who had been refugees in Poland were among those murdered this way.


11 thoughts on “Nazi Death Trains

  1. In some works on the holocaust, Hungarian Jews were burned in open air pits outside the alleged gas chambers at this Osweceim or Aushwitz camp. They were killed in such numbers that the crematoriums could not keep up with the killing.

    One of the subsidiary channels of the Discovery network, AHC or American Heroes Channel airs pro-holocaust, anti-truth and anti-German propaganda frequently. In some of their “documentaries”, they interview individuals in the Baltic countries of Latvia or Lithuania or Estonia who tell the tale given to them that the Germans when retreating in 1943 and 1944 dug up mass graves and burned bodies to hide their crimes. The entire world has to accept at face value these alleged “eye witness” accounts. No forensics to support these yarns.

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    1. Too right, and speaking of eye witnesses I recently finished reading some “official” literature on this subject Auschwitz by Laurance Rees. The book is full of these accounts and acceptance of hearsay such as corpses gaining erections while being burnt etc. I’m soon going to start another eye witness account book called “Five Chimneys” by Olga Lengyel. Somehow I don’t believe it will convince me to change my mind.

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      1. “Perhaps but Tom Cruise knows more about Scientology than I do but I don’t think he’d convince me to become a believer.”

        So, let me get this straight.
        You understand that you don’t know anything about this but you think you have all the answers?


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