Final Solution to the Jewish Question 1908

Looks like someone was planning the "Final solution of the Jewish question" long before Adolf Hitler came to power and 34 years before the Wannsee Conference and the implementation of the so called "Final Solution" was discussed. It's remarkable how much forward planning went into the evil Nazi plans for the Jews even before the … Continue reading Final Solution to the Jewish Question 1908


Majdanek Madness

    Belfast News-Letter - Monday 04 December 1944 1,500,000 victims and specially trained Nazi dogs to drag children to the crematorium, wow if we didn't know better one could be forgiven for thinking that someone might have made a lot of this holocaust stuff up. Birmingham Mail - Wednesday 05 September 1945  2,000,000 put to death … Continue reading Majdanek Madness

Holocaust Miracle Man survives eight Nazi Death camps?  They can't have been very efficient death camps then. Then again the Germans are renowned for clumsiness and disorganisation.  The article has all the usual canards.  Flames from chimneys  Quote  "We could see from a distance that there were flames coming out from four chimneys. I didn't realise … Continue reading Holocaust Miracle