Majdanek Madness



Belfast News-Letter - Monday 04 December 1944 dogs majdanek

Belfast News-Letter – Monday 04 December 1944

1,500,000 victims and specially trained Nazi dogs to drag children to the crematorium, wow if we didn’t know better one could be forgiven for thinking that someone might have made a lot of this holocaust stuff up.

Birmingham Mail - Wednesday 05 September 1945 Maidanek

Birmingham Mail – Wednesday 05 September 1945 

2,000,000 put to death by the Nazis at Majdanek.

Here is the official Majdanek website’s tally

Majdanek official

80,000??? big difference there. Perhaps people have been plucking figures from thin air?

Lancashire Evening Post - Thursday 11 October 1945

Lancashire Evening Post – Thursday 11 October 1945

Overtones of Hansel and Gretel here, children lured to their deaths and then put into ovens.

Holocaust faerie tales


3 thoughts on “Majdanek Madness

  1. War time atrocity propaganda started by the Jews and the Soviets to divert attention from the very real atrocities committed by the Bolshevik Jews in every land they occupied.

    As early as late 1942., the Jews in England were circulating outrageous lies about Treblinka and Belzec camps in the Government General (aka German occupied Poland). In Treblinka, so the yarn went, large earth moving equipment was working 24/7 (in late 1942) excavating the mass graves for hundreds of thousands (or millions) of cadavers to be buried. The next year, 1943, the Germans exhumed these bodies for open air burning. over logs and railroad ties. Needless to say, such burnings would have consumed whole forests in the vicinity, would have taken months and would be impossible to hide.

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  2. They looked for proof of the official story. They stopped when they found a small burial pit and a shard of pottery or ceramic that had what they claimed o(asserted) was a Star of David. Bottom line is that a single (or a few) small pits beneath the ground do not constitute “mass graves”. The so-called Star of David was demonstrated to be the logo or herald of a Polish firm that has been in business since the late 1800s. No real proof in support of the holocaust.

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