The gas chamber of Bergen-BelsenĀ


Belsen Was A Gas

Yorkshire Evening Post -Tuesday 13th November 1945 Just a bit of fake news from 1945. I've found several articles alluding to gas chambers in Belsen. Most of the stories carry the suggestion of Belsen gas chambers in the heading but then the articles only refer to the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz. It is easy … Continue reading Belsen Was A Gas

James O’Brien’s Worrying Theory On The Rise Of Holocaust Denial

James O'Brien's Worrying Theory On The Rise Of Holocaust Denial It is hardly surprising that so called "Holocaust denial" will rise with social media. When someone can communicate a convincing proposition that can stand up to scrutiny against a belief system based on rumour with no hard physical evidence and can only survive due … Continue reading James O’Brien’s Worrying Theory On The Rise Of Holocaust Denial


Six Million Jews Leitmotif

Irish Independent - Friday 24 February 1905 Well, well we have it all here. One could almost believe some of the conspiracy theorists judging by the commentary in this article...... Financial, journalistic??? and backbone of "Russian Socialism" (I think they later called it communism but I'll have to fact check that). I think there could be a … Continue reading Six Million Jews Leitmotif