I was a believer in the official Holocaust story, I believed that Hitler ordered the extermination of the Jews and this all took place in killing fields by bullets and in concentration camps in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms. Until one day not too long ago I was having a drink with friends and they had just been to Krakow in Poland and had visited Auschwitz. They went on to say how it was one of the most moving experiences they had had and how the had seen the place where “Rudolf Hess” the commandant of Auschwitz had been hung. Now I knew “Rudolf Hess” wasn’t a commandant of any concentration camp and that he had flown to Scotland in 1941 and was captured and subsequently spent the rest of his life in Spandau prison until his “suspicious” suicide in 1987. I pointed this out but they were adamant it was Rudolf Hess who was hung there. So I later went on Google to prove myself right which I did and discovered that it was in fact Rudolf Höss that was commandant of Auschwitz. Somehow while researching it I came across a piece about Rudolf Höss being tortured by his captors to give a false confession. This is when I first peered into the rabbit-hole.

I went on to YouTube to explore the story more and this is when I inadvertently took the Red Pill by watching this video