James O’Brien’s Worrying Theory On The Rise Of Holocaust Denial

James O’Brien’s Worrying Theory On The Rise Of Holocaust Denial


It is hardly surprising that so called “Holocaust denial” will rise with social media. When someone can communicate a convincing proposition that can stand up to scrutiny against a belief system based on rumour with no hard physical evidence and can only survive due to censoring detractors then it will spread. Until they censor it or outlaw dissension. 


A Giant with Feet of CLAY

At 2.00 Clay Higgins repeats the claim that 700 people could be squeezed into that room, he then proceeds to explain that slave labour cremated the bodies in those six tiny ovens. I wonder approximately how long would that take to dispose of the corpses?

Holocaust card Trumps all

It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. Here we have a splendid example of the holocaust card being used as a pretext to assassination and perhaps war. Here an Israeli minister plays it. He even slips in the “Six Million” for good measure. 

Here’s a quote from the piece. 

An Israeli minister Tuesday called for the assassination of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, likening his regime to the Nazis during World War II.

Yoav Galant, Israel’s housing minister, accused the Syrian regime of gassing its own people, burning their bodies and, ultimately, committing crimes against humanity not seen since Adolf Hitler’s party wiped out six million Jews in the Holocaust.

Israeli Minister: It Is Time to Assassinate Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad


Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. 


Northern Whig – Friday 31st August 1945

My word! The holocaust was worse than we imagined. 26 million people turned into soap by the Nazis. I’d heard that the Nazis were into ethnic cleansing and apparently they meant it literally. Imagine all the soap suds when 1,200,000 people were liquidated that day in Auschwitz. You could almost say “I see lies, horrid lies and the Soła foaming with much suds”.

On the holocaust mathematical side of the equation. 26,000,000 people were murdered and turned into soap. 6,000,000 of them Jews so that leaves just 2 Gentiles. They were probably just turned into ashtrays. Ergo

26,000,000 – 6,000,000 = 2

But seriously, absurdities like this have help form the narrative of the whole holocaust legend. In the wake of Amazon crumbling under pressure from the holocaust industry, books pointing out the ridiculous nonsense like the soap stories and the complete unfeasibility of the “Gas Chambers” have been banned from sale on the site. It’s a worn out old adage but true, “Truth does not fear investigation” so why imprison or censor anyone who investigates the “Truth”?

Text reads:


Colonel MANTOUT, 38-year-old French Air Force officer directing Frances drive to bring minor war criminals to Justice, declared in Paris yesterday that the Germans made soap from the remains of murdered people in death camps.

At least 26,000,000 persons were methodically exterminated in camps, he said. He had collected evidence showing that on one day in April, 1944, 1,200,000 people were liquidated in the various camps at Auschwitz, Poland

Source: http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk


The Power of Six

Well it appears somebody poked a stick into a wasps nest by omitting to mention the “Six Million Jews” in a Holocaust memorial day speech Jan 27th 2017. let’s take a closer look shall we.

The first dummy to blow came in a tweet by Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL as the International Business Times reports. http://bit.ly/2kZdF8R


Quickly followed by the NCRM http://bit.ly/2m7v7NK


The Washington Post added their tuppence worth http://wapo.st/2mlyZ9P


The Daily Beast http://wapo.st/2mlyZ9P


Then the luvvie darlings at the Guardian add their spin http://bit.ly/2kZkc3I

NCR http://bit.ly/2mlPId7

Then I don’t know why it would concern them but the Times of Israel joins in http://bit.ly/2mlPId7

Next another regurgitation http://usat.ly/2mlSoHz

Now India wades into the fray. http://bit.ly/2mlKCNY

The Chicago Tribune steps into the ring http://trib.in/2mlNb2P

More of the same http://bit.ly/2mm479e

Continuing in the same vane http://bit.ly/2mlOYoz

In a change from the norm it’s now 6 http://bit.ly/2mm3g8o

Yawn another one http://bit.ly/2m8GAfP

Oo could this be fake news from CNN http://cnn.it/2m8Dgl2

Back to Times of Israel http://bit.ly/2m8OmGx

The Independent has a bash http://ind.pn/2m94CHR

Up next the JTA http://bit.ly/2m8TBpD

Oh here they are again http://bit.ly/2m8PLNm

Back to the Washington Post http://wapo.st/2kNPaQZ

A couple of days later and now omitting mention of the Six Million Jews has now become Holocaust denial. Daily Mail http://dailym.ai/2kNJt5F

The Guardian is in of the Denial thing now http://bit.ly/2lMF4PX


Now theyre out for blood as

Jewish Republicans chide Trump on Holocaust statement



He’s screwed now, the Zionists are in on it http://nws.mx/2lrbPkV Ooo look another double tap of the Six Million


Now the name of the High Priest of the Holocaust has been invoked Helied Weasel http://bit.ly/2mmSE9u


The ZOA again and notice how they had to bring Trudeau to heel and were criticising Trumps cabinet picks http://bit.ly/2kNVOXm


More omission of the Six Million, pfft obviously vile Holocaust Deniers http://bit.ly/2kNQO5j


Now this is worthy of slightly more attention. Omitting the Six Million is like a “gateway drug” to full blown Holocaust Denial and it must shut down. http://bit.ly/2lwQhS9



“In the face of all the evidence, there are those who say that six million Jews were not murdered by the Nazis; or that the gas chambers never existed” They keep repeating about all the evidence. So where is it? where is the material physical evidence that the Nazis killed people in gas chambers. Oh thats right they destroyed all the evidence, they converted the gas chambers into innocent looking garages. All the lethal gas vans mysteriously vanished and they burnt every single incriminating document leaving no actual evidence at all. The bloody fiends.

We haven’t even got to February yet http://cnn.it/2mn2VTb


Now, there are some rich pickings in this article http://theatln.tc/2kNXGQ0 So now they have wheeled in, ahem “Historian” Deborah Lipstadt


Oh they did mention the Six Million Jews in the article too.

The Weasel has been resurrected again in this one http://bit.ly/2mnk7I1


Now the sports have entered the crucible http://bit.ly/2la7eAS


The Siren of the Holocaust rears her head again http://bit.ly/2l1uEHP


Haha http://bit.ly/2lx2QwT omg haha I nearly wet myself when I read

“Holocaust Remembrance Must Be ‘Historically Accurate'”hahah

That’s January done with,

The sycophantic reports continue ad nauseum and here I have only posted a few of  them as a lot are just news site regurgitating the same few sentences. February up next.

“privileging” the Holocaust

As Voltaire never said:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise”


A lecturer at Bristol University had the audacity to suggest that Jews should stop “privileging” the Holocaust.The university say they are now “actively looking into this matter”.


Sir Eric Pickles MP, who is the UK’s special envoy on post-Holocaust issues and a former Conservative Party chairman,claimed it is “one of the worst cases of Holocaust denial” he has seen in recent years, adding that she should “consider her position” at the university.

End quote

OMG you can’t make this stuff up. Could these few sentences cost someone their career and reputation?

But does she have a good point?


She claims that the Holocaust is “available to manipulation by governmental elites, aiming to promote the narrative most likely to underwrite their claims to sovereignty.”

Dr Gould goes on to say that casting the Holocaust as a “holy event” allows it to be used as a tool by the state of Israel to “whitewash its crimes”.

End quote