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Belfast News-Letter - Monday 04 December 1944 dogs majdanek

Belfast News-Letter – Monday 04 December 1944

1,500,000 victims and specially trained Nazi dogs to drag children to the crematorium, wow if we didn’t know better one could be forgiven for thinking that someone might have made a lot of this holocaust stuff up.

Birmingham Mail - Wednesday 05 September 1945 Maidanek

Birmingham Mail – Wednesday 05 September 1945 

2,000,000 put to death by the Nazis at Majdanek.

Here is the official Majdanek website’s tally

Majdanek official

80,000??? big difference there. Perhaps people have been plucking figures from thin air?

Lancashire Evening Post - Thursday 11 October 1945

Lancashire Evening Post – Thursday 11 October 1945

Overtones of Hansel and Gretel here, children lured to their deaths and then put into ovens.

Holocaust faerie tales

Holocaust Miracle
Man survives eight Nazi Death camps? 

They can’t have been very efficient death camps then. Then again the Germans are renowned for clumsiness and disorganisation. 

The article has all the usual canards. 

Flames from chimneys 


“We could see from a distance that there were flames coming out from four chimneys. I didn’t realise that this was the crematorium.”

Water instead of gas


He remembers the infamous shower rooms, and the prisoners who were sent there.

“They put us into a block. All of us, one particular large block. Then the following morning, a selection of that block went into the shower room,” he said.

“We went to the shower room. It’s the same shower room that other people went in and the gas came in. But we got the water that came down and we washed ourselves.”

Just as an addendum to a comment below here is Buchenwald described as a “death camp” 

Monday 23rd April 1945 Aberdeen Press and Journal 

4,000,000 Jews @ Auschwitz 

Liverpool Echo –Friday 21 September 1945

It’s that hoary old chestnut again. In 1945 4,000,000 Jews reported to have been murdered in Auschwitz compared to todays “official” figure of 1.5 million. The 4,000,000 figure was counted as part of the totemic 6,000,000 figure back then so why is there not a corresponding drop to reflect this decrease? 

Look it’s all true, holocaust survivors testimony is sacrosanct and can’t be questioned. There was even a prisoner that kept records to prove it. Somebody must be lying somewhere then. 

Undeniable Evidence 

The Scotsman 15th December 1945 

More from the Nuremburg show trials. This article describes the mechanical methods of mass murder “gas and steam chambers as well as electric current” were used to slaughter Jews. Hmmm they don’t teach at school about steam and electricity being used even though they hold the Nuremburg trials as the pinnacle of justice and cannot be brought into question. 

They even mention the elusive gas vans. How many of those were ever found after the war?……. Oh that would be none

Dachau Gas Chamber

Now ya see it. Now ya don’t!

Dachau Gas Chamber
Hull Daily Mail- Wednesday 02 November 1949


We seem to have a little contradiction here. In 1949 this newspaper reported about the “gas chamber” at Dachau. Now today, official wisdom says there was no gas chamber at Dachau. Who is right?

Text reads:

Must Take a Shower

 Now, at Dachau, they live hemmed in by instruments of horror. Their ramshackle barracks sprawl under the shadow cast by a towering brick chimney rising from a low concrete building—the camp crematorium, near to which an engraved bronze plaque starkly states: This area is being retained as a shrine to the 238,000 individuals who were cremated here.” Strolls take the Sudeten refugees past other macabre landmarks ” hanging trees ” with neatly-looped nooses, gallows, and the pistol range where Hitler’s infamous SS guards practised marksmanship on living targets. By contrast the crematorium seems almost merciful. In logical one, two, three sequence is divided into shower room, gas chamber, and furnace room. At Nuremberg an SS officer testified, “There was never any trouble in the gas chambers. We just explained to the Jews that, after the long train ride, they were dirty and must take a shower.” The victims, their pores opened by the hot steam, were then herded into the gas chamber, there be exterminated and finally passed on to the crematorium.

Superstition Among Villagers

Gas jets still protrude like horns from the low ceiling of the gas chamber. In the long furnace room are four furnaces, ‘ two in the centre and one on each side, each big enough to hold two bodies at once. Trays shaped to fit the contours of the, body still gape from each furnace opening. Clustered on a tree-lined hill top a few miles from the former concentration camp are the pleasant, white-painted cottages of Dachau village. The villagers look prosperous in their red-trimmed green Bavarian jackets. lederhosen, and green hats. But among them a superstition is growing. “The essences of death,” they whisper,” which once puffed from the crematorium’s smoke stack and hung over the countryside have settled like a poisonous gas on Dachau moor. “It’s the gas,” a villager may mutter when he breaks out in a rash

Now in comparison, the USHMM says there is no evidence of this gas chamber being used to kill people. Who is right?

Or is the more likely explanation that the gas chamber claim was just part of war time propaganda that could not be backed up by hard evidence and was quietly dropped. Subsequently the gas chamber myth was transported in cattle cars to the east.


The gallows and firing range story continues.

Also note that the article claims 238,000 were cremated at Dachau yet that bastion of truth and facts claims

Over the 12 years of use as a concentration camp, the Dachau administration recorded the intake of 206,206 prisoners and deaths of 31,951. Crematoria were constructed to dispose of the deceased. Visitors may now walk through the buildings and view the ovens used to cremate bodies, which hid the evidence of many deaths. It is claimed that in 1942, more than 3,166 prisoners in weakened condition were transported to Hartheim Castle near Linz, and were executed by poison gas because they were deemed unfit.[40][47] Between January and April 1945 11,560 detainees died at KZ Dachau according to a U.S. Army report of 1945,[48] though the Dachau administration registered 12,596 deaths from typhus at the camp over the same period

Therefore in that logic more people were cremated than had actually passed through the prison camp. Holocaust logic, questioning the holocaust can get you sent to prison in some countries. Questioning the holocaust can ruin your livelihood and job prospects in most countries.

There is something rotten in the sate of Denmark.


Recycled Holocaust

The long walk to the “Death Camp”. Busted is the myth of German efficiency. We are lead to believe that the Nazis rounded up Jews and herded them into cattle cars to be sent by highly efficient railway system to various extermination camps throughout occupied Europe. Well all was not as it seemed. Take this Death March for example.

Daily Record-Tuesday 19 March 1940 recycled
Daily Record- Tuesday 19th March 1940

The photograph above was smuggled out of Poland in 1940 depicting Polish Jews from Warsaw being marched of to a concentration camp.

Here photographed below are those same poor Jews almost three years later in 1943 still on the march to the death camp. Some are to be “electrocuted”. I would presume they were being marched to Belzec, the main camp for extermination by electrocution apparently. That was a grueling walk of some 300km so I suppose a three years walk could be about right.

Birmingham Daily Gazette-Saturday 02 January 1943 recycled
Birmingham Daily Gazette – Saturday 2nd January 1943

Text reads:


Told they are being transferred to a labour camp. Polish Jews march quietly away from a Warsaw ghetto between German soldiers. The Nazis practise this sham daily. The Jews start out hopefully, but they are only marching to their execution; Some are electrocuted, some meet their end In gas chambers. Victims of the unparalleled massacre of the Jewish population number hundreds of thousands. Evidence of this has been confirmed officially