Hitler digs up the dead to make soap

A little more Holohoaxery here (or should we say war time atrocity propaganda). Adolf Hitler digs up the dead to make soap. Sorry but this story doesn't wash. the tired old cliche of bodies into soap but hey ho why let truth get in the way of good propaganda. Text reads JEWS IN EUROPE German … Continue reading Hitler digs up the dead to make soap


The Sliding Floor of the Auschwitz Gas Chamber and the Tar Pits of Doom

I've just found this remarkable piece of evidence in the newspaper archive that an eyewitness and escapee from the Auschwitz (Oswiecim) death camp related to a press conference in Edinburgh in February 1945. Just days after the liberation of the camp by the Red Army. It just goes to show the elaborate lengths the Germans … Continue reading The Sliding Floor of the Auschwitz Gas Chamber and the Tar Pits of Doom

Auschwitz Electrical Conveyor belt of Death

It's a little known fact that running alongside the scientifically implausible gas gas chambers at Auschwitz ran the electrified conveyor belts of death. These industrialised slaughter belts, we can assume took the passive cargo directly from the "cattle cars" and electrocuted the hapless victims without struggle then disposed of the evidence in Nazi furnaces. One … Continue reading Auschwitz Electrical Conveyor belt of Death


Wooden gas chambers at Auschwitz?

Daily Herald¬†-¬†Monday 27 February 1961 This is from an article about Auschwitz survivor Rudolf Vrba. He goes on to claim that the entire reason for mass extermination was just to rob Jews of their belongings and to turn their hair and body parts into commodities for the German economy and for growing SS vegetables. If … Continue reading Wooden gas chambers at Auschwitz?


Six million lampshades

As we know, holocaust survivor testimony is beyond question and here we have proof of all the horror stories we've heard before. Holocaust survivor Jack Adler relates his story to the Huffpost. Text reads Jack: At first it was very hard. I tried to create a way to not visualize the experience. But even 70 … Continue reading Six million lampshades


Gas chamber reappears at Dachau

Gas Chambers at Dachau? Here's a funny little piece by an American politician perpetuating the Dachau gas chamber myth. I doubt any of mainstream media will call him out on his statements or premise. He relates the stories his father told him of his visit to Dachau just after its liberation by US troops. He … Continue reading Gas chamber reappears at Dachau


A Giant with Feet of CLAY

https://youtu.be/5shebLp9Onw At 2.00 Clay Higgins repeats the claim that 700 people could be squeezed into that room, he then proceeds to explain that slave labour cremated the bodies in those six tiny ovens. I wonder approximately how long would that take to dispose of the corpses?