The Sliding Floor of the Auschwitz Gas Chamber and the Tar Pits of Doom

I've just found this remarkable piece of evidence in the newspaper archive that an eyewitness and escapee from the Auschwitz (Oswiecim) death camp related to a press conference in Edinburgh in February 1945. Just days after the liberation of the camp by the Red Army. It just goes to show the elaborate lengths the Germans … Continue reading The Sliding Floor of the Auschwitz Gas Chamber and the Tar Pits of Doom


Auschwitz Electrical Conveyor belt of Death

It's a little known fact that running alongside the scientifically implausible gas gas chambers at Auschwitz ran the electrified conveyor belts of death. These industrialised slaughter belts, we can assume took the passive cargo directly from the "cattle cars" and electrocuted the hapless victims without struggle then disposed of the evidence in Nazi furnaces. One … Continue reading Auschwitz Electrical Conveyor belt of Death

The Steam Chambers of Treblinka

Here is a vivid account from 1943 by an actual eyewitness to the murderous steam chambers of Treblinka. It's strange that we don't hear anything more about those ghastly means of mass execution, yet here it is printed proof of their existence, or was it atrocity propaganda? The People - Sunday 07 November 1943 Here … Continue reading The Steam Chambers of Treblinka


Dachau becomes a tourist attraction 1959

Once again here with the marvellous appearing and disappearing Dachau Gas Chamber. This article from December 14th 1959 tells of the horror and deception of the gas chamber. Me thinks it is us who are being deceived. Birmingham Daily Post - Monday 14 December 1959  Yet again here is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's … Continue reading Dachau becomes a tourist attraction 1959


Miraculous escape from Belsen Gas Chamber

Yorkshire Evening Post -Wednesday 29 August 1945 Two Jewish children escape from the Belsen gas chamber only by a miracle. Perhaps that miracle was that there wasn't a gas chamber at the Belsen concentration camp or any other concentration camp for that matter.


Judea Declares War On Germany 1933

Illustrated London News - Saturday 01 April 1933 More on this subject to come.      


Auschwitz Conveyor Belt of Death

More evidence of the fiendish efficiency of the Germans. Not many people know that the Germans created a conveyor belt of death at Auschwitz that automatically electrocuted and immediately incinerated the Nazis victims and turned them into fertiliser. Text reads:                               … Continue reading Auschwitz Conveyor Belt of Death