The First Holocausts

Many people don't realise that there were practice Holocausts before the main one. This article refers to the one in Russia 1905. TBH I don't put much store in this and I think that the use of the word Holocaust is just a coincidence as the use and terminology of the word have simply changed … Continue reading The First Holocausts


Holocaust Denial before Holocaust Denial was a thing.

Birmingham Daily Post - Thursday 29 September 1960 Dachua gas chambers, the horror version of Brigadoon. Did they exist or didn't they? in this article the German authorities of 1960 are threatening to sue a former German general employed by the US military for exposing that the so called Dachau gas chamber were created after … Continue reading Holocaust Denial before Holocaust Denial was a thing.

No April Fools

No it's no April Fools joke. Apparently the Germans used Jews as horses according to this article. It's all true you've heard from the horse's mouth. Text reads: Doomed Jews As Horses WHEN all the Jews of Borisov ' were underground. 8.000 more were taken to the town from other areas and on their way … Continue reading No April Fools

A Comedy of Clichés 

My word, what a treasure trove of Holohoaxery we have here. This is a news article concerning some of the very few of the millions of Holocaust Survivors. Holocaust survivor shares story of horror of war at Air Force museum I don't doubt the poor gentleman's sincerity and I wouldn't  wish to mock the … Continue reading A Comedy of Clichés