Judea Declares War On Germany 1933

Jews war on Germany 1933
Judea Declares War on Germany

Illustrated London News – Saturday 01 April 1933

More on this subject to come.





Holocaust by Electrocution at Belzec

Mass electrocutions at Belzec
Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – Wednesday 02 December 1942

Text reads

At Belzec Camp deportees are stripped naked, ostensibly for bathing. They are then led to sheds with metal-plated floors, through which passes an electric current Death almost instantaneous.

It could be easy to dismiss early reports of mass electrocutions at Nazi “extermination” camps as just erroneous anomalies and genuine mistakes of what members of the resistance thought they were witnessing but when the story is elaborated upon and repeated over time it becomes a different matter. Here is another example.

A Holocaust Witch Hunt

Grab your popcorn boys there’s another holocaust denial witch hunt under way. Burn the heretics!

A speaker at a Labour Party fringe meeting on free speech dared to opine that any issue should be open to debate…..including the Holocaust!!!!


Miko Peled
Free speech and the Holocaust don’t mix.


Daily Mail Holocaust debate
Debate shall not be tolerated


Sky News
Disgusting Comments?

And just what were those “Disgusting” comments?

Controversy was reignited on Monday when Israeli-American author Miko Peled told a fringe event: “This is about free speech, the freedom to criticise and to discuss every issue, whether it’s the Holocaust: yes or no, Palestine, the liberation, the whole spectrum.

“There should be no limits on the discussion.”

My God, the man is insane. Off with his head!


Huffpost Holocaust Denial
He’s a witch, burn him

Labour MP Wes Streeting said: “This is not a question to which there is any other answer than ’the holocaust is one of the greatest crimes in human history and this should never happen again.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “Labour condemns antisemitism in the strongest possible terms and our NEC unanimously passed tough new rule changes last week.“All groupings in the party should treat one another with respect. We will not tolerate antisemitism or holocaust denial.”

Jennifer Gerber, director of Labour Friends of Israel, said the event was “beyond disgraceful”.

She said: “Supporting the world’s only Jewish state is a mainstream and long-standing Labour position. We hope the Labour Party leadership acts swiftly to condemn those who seek to bully pro-Israel and Jewish members out of the party.”

And Jeremy Newmark, Chair of Jewish Labour Movement, said it was “a thinly veiled call to purge Jews from the Labour Party.”


Sorry but it’s too daft to laugh at. The media is losing it’s knickers over a meeting about free speech and going into a frenzy to demonise  someone who appears to advocate open discussion. Obviously some things are beyond question. I think the crux of this furore is that there was also hints of criticism of Israel in the speech and that is beyond the pale. The Holocaust Card has been played and the two subjects have become convoluted and the propaganda machine of the Israeli lobby has coughed into life.

I’m no fan of the Labour Party and would never vote for them but what is happening here is truly unfair. We’ve seen this happen many times before and we’ll surely see it again.

Mass electrocution of Jews at Belzec

Belzec Electrocution

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette – Tuesday 19 January 1943

A shocking report of mass electrocutions of Jews at Belzec concentration camp. Don’t remember being taught about that at school.

Text reads

At Belzec there is special camp for mass executions by electrocution. According to the latest reports 80.000 Jews were killed there in the space of two months. Of Lublin’s 30,000 Jews only 2.500 remain. Seventy per cent of these are women. Since July 22. at Warsaw, several dozen, sometimes hundreds of Jews have been killed every day. According to particulars given by the Polish National Council more than a million Jews have been murdered the Nazis in Poland since September, 1939


Majdanek Madness



Belfast News-Letter - Monday 04 December 1944 dogs majdanek

Belfast News-Letter – Monday 04 December 1944

1,500,000 victims and specially trained Nazi dogs to drag children to the crematorium, wow if we didn’t know better one could be forgiven for thinking that someone might have made a lot of this holocaust stuff up.

Birmingham Mail - Wednesday 05 September 1945 Maidanek

Birmingham Mail – Wednesday 05 September 1945 

2,000,000 put to death by the Nazis at Majdanek.

Here is the official Majdanek website’s tally

Majdanek official


80,000??? big difference there. Perhaps people have been plucking figures from thin air?

Lancashire Evening Post - Thursday 11 October 1945

Lancashire Evening Post – Thursday 11 October 1945

Overtones of Hansel and Gretel here, children lured to their deaths and then put into ovens.

Holocaust faerie tales

A Giant with Feet of CLAY

At 2.00 Clay Higgins repeats the claim that 700 people could be squeezed into that room, he then proceeds to explain that slave labour cremated the bodies in those six tiny ovens. I wonder approximately how long would that take to dispose of the corpses?

Nazi Death Trains

Belfast News-Letter - Friday 04 August 1944 Death Trains
Belfast News-Letter

I wonder where those homicidal gas trains are now. I presume the Nazis blew them up to hide the evidence or is this just more wartime propaganda.

Text reads:

Another member of the party, M. Celt, brought back the latest information on the massacre of Hungarian Jew’s obtained from Poles inside the notorious Oswiecim camp. The Jews, he said, were being enticed into death trains with promises that they were to be exchanged for German prisoners now in Allied hands or that they were being sent to Switzerland.
Once In the trains, they were gassed and their bodies burned on open fires. Small children were no longer being gassed but were, thrown alive into the fires. About 100 English Jews who had been refugees in Poland were among those murdered this way.