Undeniable Evidence 

The Scotsman 15th December 1945 

More from the Nuremburg show trials. This article describes the mechanical methods of mass murder “gas and steam chambers as well as electric current” were used to slaughter Jews. Hmmm they don’t teach at school about steam and electricity being used even though they hold the Nuremburg trials as the pinnacle of justice and cannot be brought into question. 

They even mention the elusive gas vans. How many of those were ever found after the war?……. Oh that would be none

And So It Begins

1921 big one

Pall Mall GazetteWednesday 20 July 1921

Well well, 1921. That’s 12 years before old Adolf Hitler came to power and six million Jews faced extermination, wow it’s almost like someone had written a script.

Text reads;




PARIS, Wednesday.

A Berlin message says that in Russia six million Jews are facing extermination by massacre as famine spreads a counter-revolutionary movement and the control of the Soviet wanes, according to Dr, Joseph Kreinin, the well-known Jewish social worker and president of the Russian Joint Board of Jews’ Societies, who has just arrived in Berlin after escaping from Moscow. He states, that in Ukraine several villages have been burned and scores killed, seventy persons being slaughtered in one village alone. Dr. Kreinin is now on route to America, where he plans to hold series of meetings.

No April Fools

Daily Herald - Wednesday 01 April 1942 horses
Daily Herald – Wednesday 1st April 1942

No it’s no April Fools joke. Apparently the Germans used Jews as horses according to this article. It’s all true you’ve heard from the horse’s mouth.

Text reads:

Doomed Jews As Horses

WHEN all the Jews of Borisov ‘ were underground. 8.000 more were taken to the town from other areas and on their way to the death-place, harnessed to coaches place of horses, and ” forced to haul their executioners to the execution ground.” Soon after, all the Nazi newspapers in White Russia cynically reported: “The Jewish problem in White Russia is now solved. But there are still 5.000.000 Jews left alive in the United States

Recycled Holocaust

The long walk to the “Death Camp”. Busted is the myth of German efficiency. We are lead to believe that the Nazis rounded up Jews and herded them into cattle cars to be sent by highly efficient railway system to various extermination camps throughout occupied Europe. Well all was not as it seemed. Take this Death March for example.

Daily Record-Tuesday 19 March 1940 recycled
Daily Record- Tuesday 19th March 1940

The photograph above was smuggled out of Poland in 1940 depicting Polish Jews from Warsaw being marched of to a concentration camp.

Here photographed below are those same poor Jews almost three years later in 1943 still on the march to the death camp. Some are to be “electrocuted”. I would presume they were being marched to Belzec, the main camp for extermination by electrocution apparently. That was a grueling walk of some 300km so I suppose a three years walk could be about right.

Birmingham Daily Gazette-Saturday 02 January 1943 recycled
Birmingham Daily Gazette – Saturday 2nd January 1943

Text reads:


Told they are being transferred to a labour camp. Polish Jews march quietly away from a Warsaw ghetto between German soldiers. The Nazis practise this sham daily. The Jews start out hopefully, but they are only marching to their execution; Some are electrocuted, some meet their end In gas chambers. Victims of the unparalleled massacre of the Jewish population number hundreds of thousands. Evidence of this has been confirmed officially



Murders “en masse”

Falkirk Herald – Wednesday 23rd December 1942

Another example of the “electrocution” rumour.

Text reads:


Himmler, after a visit to Warsaw, ordered that one-half of the Polish Jews were to be killed in one year. In pursuance of this order deportations were carried out at the rate of ten thousand a day. Places of execution were organised at Chelm and Belzec, where murders “en masse” are carried out by means of electrocution and lethal gas. Early this month the State Department in Washington gave figures showing that the number of Jewish victims deported or “perished” since 1939 in Axis-controlled Europe had reached the appalling total of 2,000,000, and that 5,000,000 were in danger of extermination



Sometimes I wonder what other influences have set the seeds of doubt in my mind and caused me to question the whole holocaust and the evil Germans story we are brought up with.

Here are two small paragraphs from a book that I read some time ago and stuck in my mind. They’re from a book called “RIFLEMAN” about a remarkable British soldier called Victor Gregg. (Victor Gregg has absolutely no involvement in holocaust denial whatsoever, these are purely my own personal comments and opinions)

The paragraphs concerns the defence of Outpost Snipe and the battle of Kidney Ridge (2nd Battle of El Alamein 1942). 2nd Rifle Brigade vs elements from German 90th Light Division, 21st Panzer Div. The fighting had been heavy, the Germans took high casualties and put up a white flag and requested a ceasefire to collect their wounded. The ceasefire held the Germans collected their wounded then hostilities resumed. The Germans launched a massive infantry attack.Fierce fighting eventually became hand to hand and the balance only tipped when British artillery finally hit.


            Peace of a sort descended. Men of both sides squatted down on their haunches to count the cost. Smoke from burnt-out tanks and armoured cars turned daylight into darkness. Friend and foe, we were all in a state of shock. We sensed there would be no more action this day.

After about an hour, as it was getting dark, a lone German came towards our positions carrying a white flag. He stopped about fifty feet from us and our young officer went out to meet him. The German handed over the personal things that Izzy had been carrying on him. We all gave a cheer as he went to his comrades. All over our front the enemy were yet again collecting their wounded. Were these the evil men we had been told about? The men who performed atrocities wherever they went? In our eyes they were men of honour.

(Izzy was a small East End Jew. During a German bombardment in the battle two of his mates were blown to pieces. It sent him over the edge and he charged the German lines firing his Bren gun, he was killed in a fusillade of bullets)

“Were these the evil men we had been told about?”

Its little snippets like these and memories recounted by close relatives that fought the Germans in WWII that bring me to question the whole “official” narrative of the “Good” Allies vs the “Evil” Axis and how the holocaust has become a modern form of governmental religion.

Victor Gregg volunteered for the Parachute Regiment and went on to fight at Arhnem but was captured by the Germans and later sent to a POW in Dresden. He was sentenced to death for sabotaging a German soap factory while as a POW but the day before his execution whilst he was incarcerated the RAF payed a visit to Dresden and an explosion freed him but killed many others imprisoned with him. His freedom came with a price as he then witnessed the full horror of the Dresden raid, nothing he had seen in any battle could prepare him for that and took him 40 years to come to terms with it.

As he says

“we were supposed to be the good guys, we was going to war to rescue Europe from the Evil of the Third Reich, and we finished up being worse than they were. I’m not going to say we, because what annoys me is all this was done in our name and I felt it, it really whacked me, that I’d been under a nation that had been responsible for what had been going in that city that night”


Dresden Is Obliterated


Northern Whig- Monday 5th March 1945


Text reads:


DRESDEN has been completely wiped out by the massive RAF blows on February 14 and 15. Not a single building remains and tens of thousands of it’s citizens are buried under the ruins the Germans overseas news agency reported last night. Rudolf Sparing, the agency, war correspondent. The raids caused the greatest destruction a big urban area has ever suffered. In the inner town not a single block of buildings, not a single detached building, remains intact, even capable of reconstruction. The town area devoid of human life. A great city has been wiped from the .map Europe Tens of thousands who lived in the city are now buried under its ruins. Even an attempt at identification of the victims is hopeless, he continued. •• what happened on that evening of February There were 1.000.000 people in Dresden, including 600,000 bombed out evacuees and refugees from the East, The raging fires which spread irresistibly in the narrow streets killed great many from sheer lack of oxygen. Tens of thousands who succeeded in getting out fled to the green belt round the city. Then at midnight another British bomber fleet appeared the blood red horizon and caused further destruction with fragmentation bombs and machine-guns. Twelve hours a third wave spread further devastation “We can only speak of Dresden in the past tense,” Sparing concluded.

I wonder if the article next to this one “Nazis’ commercial haggle over death furnaces” was placed purposely next to this one to counteract the enormity of the Dresden raid.