The Balfour Declaration, A receipt for services rendered?

Northern Whig - Thursday 09 August 1923 It is 100 years ago today since the Balfour declaration was made to Lord Rothschild. Here is a little more information not so openly known by the general public on this pledge. The Balfour Declaration was a public statement issued by the British government during World War I announcing support for the establishment of … Continue reading The Balfour Declaration, A receipt for services rendered?


A Holocaust Witch Hunt

Grab your popcorn boys there's another holocaust denial witch hunt under way. Burn the heretics! A speaker at a Labour Party fringe meeting on free speech dared to opine that any issue should be open to debate.....including the Holocaust!!!! And just what were those "Disgusting" comments? Controversy was reignited on Monday when … Continue reading A Holocaust Witch Hunt

Jews return to Palestine 1920   JEWS RETURN TO PALESTINE.—“ I do not think there will anything’ like a general exodus of from this country,” said Weizman, Zionist leader, who has just returned London from Saint Remo, Press Association representative. “There is, however, likelihood that many Jews, how domiciled in England will there, he added. The object of. re-settlement. … Continue reading Jews return to Palestine 1920