Six million lampshades

As we know, holocaust survivor testimony is beyond question and here we have proof of all the horror stories we’ve heard before. Holocaust survivor Jack Adler relates his story to the Huffpost.

Six million jews lampshades tattoos skin

Text reads

Jack: At first it was very hard. I tried to create a way to not visualize the experience. But even 70 years later, it doesn’t go away. Six million—using babies for target practice, making lampshades from people. One woman, Elsa Koch, the wife of an officer in Buchenwald, liked the tattoo of a particular prisoner; she actually had him killed so she could use his skin for her furniture.


Gas chamber reappears at Dachau

Gas Chambers at Dachau?

Here’s a funny little piece by an American politician perpetuating the Dachau gas chamber myth. I doubt any of mainstream media will call him out on his statements or premise. He relates the stories his father told him of his visit to Dachau just after its liberation by US troops.

He writes quote.

He told me about going into a room next to the ovens and seeing fixtures on the walls that looked like showerheads. Those at the camp told him that prisoners were taken into these rooms and told they were going to take showers. But, instead of water coming out of the nozzles, deadly poisonous gas was emitted.

End quote

Even the United States Holohoax museum says there is no evidence of gas chambers at Dachau but he’ll get a free pass on this claim but if ever a politician pointed out the absurdities of the appearing and disappearing Dachau gas chamber claims it would be career suicide.

Deadly poison gas emitted from the nozzles? What gas exactly was emitted from these nozzles?
I thought the story was that Zyklon B pesticide pellets were thrown in through hatches in the walls?

I notice that he makes no mention of the massacre of the approximately 50 unarmed Dachau guards line up against a wall and machine gunned down there. Of course because that doesn’t fit the narrative does it.

Dachau Massacre – Waffen-SS soldiers executed by I Company, 157th Regiment, 45th Thunderbird Division

Six Million Jews 1919

Six Million Jews victims of German terror
El Paso herald., April 07, 1919, HOME EDITION, Page 8

Yes I know it is well-trodden turf but it would be remiss of me not to post this fine example of the Six Million Jews meme from 1919

Text reads

“Do You Know of a Single
Gentile Charity Which Is
Not Largely and Willingly
Contributed to By. People
of the Jewish Faith?”
George Ade
One of America’s most gifted writers brings home
to every Gentile a statement of facts and conditions
that many of them have been overlooking. Take
time to read what Mr. Ade says below
“In any campaign to feed the hungry or lift up the stricken or
shelter the homeless it is taken for granted, as a matter of course,
that the Jews will do their full share and then oversubscribe a little.
They are accustomed to do things in a big way and are not dismayed by ordinary tasks.
“Now they are up against an extraordinary task; an under
taking, vast in proportions, hedged in by appalling handicaps. The
American Jewish Relief Committee is endeavoring to save from
starvation six million Jews who are the helpless victims of the German Terror.
“Between the committee in New York City and the unfortunate refugees or penned-in prisoners that they are trying to help, are
open seas and devastated provinces.
So That Others May

Auschwitz Conveyor Belt of Death

Auschwitz conveyor belt, Osweicim
Aberdeen Press and Journal – Saturday 03 February 1945

More evidence of the fiendish efficiency of the Germans. Not many people know that the Germans created a conveyor belt of death at Auschwitz that automatically electrocuted and immediately incinerated the Nazis victims and turned them into fertiliser.

Text reads:

                                                 MURDER CAMP “EFFICIENCY”
The great concentration camp at Osweicim, thirty miles west of Cracow, now in Russian hands, boasted a conveyor belt for the dead. With unparalleled ” efficiency ” it not only electrocuted the Nazis’ victims, but conveyed their bodies and dumped them in the furnaces where they were turned into powder almost immediately. As at Maidenek another notorious murder camp overrun by the Russians —nothing was wasted. The powder became fertiliser for the fields around the camp. “The first shock that Osweicim gives you is its enormous size,” writes Boris Polevoy, a well known Russian journalist, who has just visited the camp. “There are a dozen square miles saturated with human blood and blanketed with human ashes.


6,000,000 Jews 1879

6,000,000 Jews 1879
Swindon Advertiser and North Wilts Chronicle – Saturday 18 January 1879


Curiouser and curiouser! Here’s an article from 1879 that seems to carry some common themes. 6,000,000 Jews, Palestine, Rothschild and prophecy. The writer appears to be dismissing a suggestion put forward by another writer about Jews buying up land in Palestine, displacing the existing population and creating a new society therein. Obviously such an absurd proposal could never come to pass!!!

Text reads

A writer in the Standard has a short and ready way of getting rid the Turkish difficulty. If the Porte will only put its pride in its pocket, it may have £60,000.000 or the asking, and easily buy out and compound with other creditors! The plan this, there are 6.000,000 of Jews in the world, and it is a moderate computation that they are good for a £10 a head. Sixty millions will thus buy up the fee simple of Palestine, and the return the Jews and the literal fulfilment prophesy may be effected by financial arrangement. The writer, however, forgets the difficulties which make such a scheme more than impracticable. To begin with, how are we to expropriate the existing inhabitants? There are. Arabs. Syrians, and Christians of all nationalities already in occupation of much of the land . and even if they were bought out—which is an absurd proposal—what kind of society and what institutions would these returned Jews set up in the place of the Sultan’s rule? Would they elect a Rothschild President and a Montefaire as Chancellor of the Exchequer. The proposal is worthy of the author of “Tancred.”