Holocaust Denial before Holocaust Denial was a thing.

Birmingham Daily Post - Thursday 29 September 1960 Dachua gas chambers, the horror version of Brigadoon. Did they exist or didn't they? in this article the German authorities of 1960 are threatening to sue a former German general employed by the US military for exposing that the so called Dachau gas chamber were created after … Continue reading Holocaust Denial before Holocaust Denial was a thing.


The Balfour Declaration, A receipt for services rendered?

Northern Whig - Thursday 09 August 1923 It is 100 years ago today since the Balfour declaration was made to Lord Rothschild. Here is a little more information not so openly known by the general public on this pledge. The Balfour Declaration was a public statement issued by the British government during World War I announcing support for the establishment of … Continue reading The Balfour Declaration, A receipt for services rendered?

Wooden gas chambers at Auschwitz?

Daily Herald - Monday 27 February 1961 This is from an article about Auschwitz survivor Rudolf Vrba. He goes on to claim that the entire reason for mass extermination was just to rob Jews of their belongings and to turn their hair and body parts into commodities for the German economy and for growing SS vegetables. If … Continue reading Wooden gas chambers at Auschwitz?


Mechanical failure in gas chamber



Miraculous escape from Belsen Gas Chamber

Yorkshire Evening Post -Wednesday 29 August 1945 Two Jewish children escape from the Belsen gas chamber only by a miracle. Perhaps that miracle was that there wasn't a gas chamber at the Belsen concentration camp or any other concentration camp for that matter.


Six million lampshades

As we know, holocaust survivor testimony is beyond question and here we have proof of all the horror stories we've heard before. Holocaust survivor Jack Adler relates his story to the Huffpost. Text reads Jack: At first it was very hard. I tried to create a way to not visualize the experience. But even 70 … Continue reading Six million lampshades


Judea Declares War On Germany 1933

Illustrated London News - Saturday 01 April 1933 More on this subject to come.