Wooden gas chambers at Auschwitz?

Auschwitz wooden hut gas chamber
Wooden gas chamber?

Daily Herald – Monday 27 February 1961

This is from an article about Auschwitz survivor Rudolf Vrba. He goes on to claim that the entire reason for mass extermination was just to rob Jews of their belongings and to turn their hair and body parts into commodities for the German economy and for growing SS vegetables.

SS vegetable gardens
SS vegetables

If one didn’t know better you’d think he could have been making these things up.


Auschwitz Conveyor Belt of Death

Auschwitz conveyor belt, Osweicim
Aberdeen Press and Journal – Saturday 03 February 1945

More evidence of the fiendish efficiency of the Germans. Not many people know that the Germans created a conveyor belt of death at Auschwitz that automatically electrocuted and immediately incinerated the Nazis victims and turned them into fertiliser.

Text reads:

                                                 MURDER CAMP “EFFICIENCY”
The great concentration camp at Osweicim, thirty miles west of Cracow, now in Russian hands, boasted a conveyor belt for the dead. With unparalleled ” efficiency ” it not only electrocuted the Nazis’ victims, but conveyed their bodies and dumped them in the furnaces where they were turned into powder almost immediately. As at Maidenek another notorious murder camp overrun by the Russians —nothing was wasted. The powder became fertiliser for the fields around the camp. “The first shock that Osweicim gives you is its enormous size,” writes Boris Polevoy, a well known Russian journalist, who has just visited the camp. “There are a dozen square miles saturated with human blood and blanketed with human ashes.


SS Whipping Machine

SS whipping machine
The SS at Auschwitz devise a whipping machine.

Lancashire Evening Post – 28th January 1946


Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier was a member of the French Resistance and later a prisoner at Auschwitz and Ravensbruck and gave evidence at the Nuremberg trials.

What I find interesting from this eye witness account from Auschwitz giving evidence at the Nuremberg trials is that the SS devised a machine to whip inmates. I would presume a piece of equipment like that would take some modicum of ingenuity to create. So inflicting pain seems to have taken precedence in design terms than mass murder as it seems the best Nazi scientists could come up with for the final solution was to crudely knock a few holes in a mortuary roof and pour in flea powder into it.

Text reads:


Whippings were administered so often at Auschwitz that the SS. finally devised a whipping machine to save time.” Madame Couturier described Ravensbruck as a “slave market.’ ; It was the main source for female labour for the factories. On ” market day.” the women : were lined up and visiting factory managers felt their muscles to select the best physical specimens ‘ At the Ravensbruck camp, to which she was transferred in May. 1944, thousands of Poles including women, were used as “guinea pigs’ in experiments.

As Mme. Couturier left the box she directed a last look of hatred Goering and his associates.

Lieutenant Georges Veith described how 47 British Airmen and Dutch flying officers were massacred by guards at Matthausen in September 1944. the pretext that the- were trying to escape. Victor Dupont swore he frequently saw wives tortured at Buchenwald in front of their husbands. and children before their mothers. Inmates at Buchenwald were degraded even in death. —Reuter and British United Press.


I believe the article relates to the testimony below that she gave during the trials.

M. DUBOST: Who meted out punishments?

MME. VAILLANT-COUTURIER: The SS leaders, men and women.

M. DUBOST: What was the nature of the punishments?

NNE. VAILLANT-COUTURIER: Bodily ill-treatment in particular. One of the most usual punishments was 50 blows with a stick on the loins. They were administered with a machine which I saw, a swinging apparatus manipulated by an SS. There were also endless roll calls day and night, or gymnastics; flat on the belly, get up, lie down, up, down, for hours, and anyone who fell was beaten unmercifully and taken to Block 25.



Northern Whig – Friday 31st August 1945

My word! The holocaust was worse than we imagined. 26 million people turned into soap by the Nazis. I’d heard that the Nazis were into ethnic cleansing and apparently they meant it literally. Imagine all the soap suds when 1,200,000 people were liquidated that day in Auschwitz. You could almost say “I see lies, horrid lies and the Soła foaming with much suds”.

On the holocaust mathematical side of the equation. 26,000,000 people were murdered and turned into soap. 6,000,000 of them Jews so that leaves just 2 Gentiles. They were probably just turned into ashtrays. Ergo

26,000,000 – 6,000,000 = 2

But seriously, absurdities like this have help form the narrative of the whole holocaust legend. In the wake of Amazon crumbling under pressure from the holocaust industry, books pointing out the ridiculous nonsense like the soap stories and the complete unfeasibility of the “Gas Chambers” have been banned from sale on the site. It’s a worn out old adage but true, “Truth does not fear investigation” so why imprison or censor anyone who investigates the “Truth”?

Text reads:


Colonel MANTOUT, 38-year-old French Air Force officer directing Frances drive to bring minor war criminals to Justice, declared in Paris yesterday that the Germans made soap from the remains of murdered people in death camps.

At least 26,000,000 persons were methodically exterminated in camps, he said. He had collected evidence showing that on one day in April, 1944, 1,200,000 people were liquidated in the various camps at Auschwitz, Poland

Source: http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk


German Murder Factory

Osweicim murder factory

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer- Saturday 3rd February 1945


Text reads:


 Conveyor Belt Killed Victims and Carried Them to Furnaces

 MOSCOW, Friday

 THE Osweicim murder factory puts even Maidenek in the shade.” This comment, from a correspondent who has visited the great concentration camp at Osweicim, in Silesia, now in Russian hands, covers a tale of horror. Osweicim, for example, boasted a conveyor belt for the dead. With unparalleled efficiency this not only electrocuted the Nazis’ victims, but also conveyed their bodies straight into furnaces.. ” The first shock that Osweicim gives you its enormous size,” writes Boris Polevoy, a well-known Russian journalist, in “Pravda ” to-day. There is dozen square miles saturated with human blood, and literally blanketed with human ashes. I saw enormous fields and vegetable gardens nestling the valleys of the Vistula and Sola Rivers, fertilised by the ashes and bone powder of the Nazi victims. ” This was a great industry, with many departments, each specialising in a certain function.. There were offices for sorting the victims, according to age and strength, according to whether they could perform some labour before they were executed. There were offices for old men, and for women and children and invalids who were condemned to immediate destruction.

1,500,000 VICTIMS

There was another department for semi-invalids, who were forced to sort the clothes of those who had already been murdered. “But the main department was the ‘smelting furnace’ (that is what the Nazis called it) where, after elaborate tortures, the victims were burned.” Nobody knows how many people died at Osweicim. But the estimate of 1.500,000 has been made, starting from the time when the Germans used the crude bullet, the days of electrocution and the “smelting furnace.” This much is known. Between 1941 until early in 1943, between five and eight trains a day, loaded to the limit with Russians, Poles, Jews, Czechs, Frenchmen and Jugoslavs, arrived at the Osweicim concentration camp. The railway wagons were always Jammed to the doors —which were sealed. The trains, staffed by men specially detached for this business, always returned from Oswelcim empty. Before Maidenek This was where the great technique of murder on a mass scale was first developed, long before Maidenek. The early methods here were primitive, says Polevoy. The Nazis made their victims lie prone the bottom of a ditch, machine-gunned them, piled another row top of them and then made the next victims fill in what was left of the ditch. There are literally several hundreds of these old ” graves” still left at Osweicim. Later, more methods were Introduced. Plant was mechanised, gas-chambers built, and ” smelting furnaces and crematoria erected. Then Maidenek was discovered, and the Germans—at Osweicim—got into a panic. When they saw retreat was certain they tried to hide the evidence of their mass murder, just as they had done Maidenek. Polovey writes: “The portable apparatus for the extermination of children was removed, and the gas chambers were altered and rebuilt into innocent-looking garages. But the evidence of the annihilation millions people cannot wiped out entirely. And there are still inmates of the camp here who can tell the whole story.

. “Then Maidenek was discovered, and the Germans—at Osweicim—got into a panic. When they saw retreat was certain they tried 10 hide the evidence of their mass murder,”

Hide the evidence?

Yes because those fiendish Nazis knew that if they were captured and tried by a Soviet court without any evidence of mass murder the Communists would simply have to let them go free!

4,000,000 @ Auschwitz

Derby Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 16th April 1947


I know it is a well covered topic by revisionists but here is just my little contribution. Whenever you look up or question the Holocaust the inevitable figure of Six Million Jews arises. We are lead to believe this figure was arrived at from evidence during the Nuremberg Trials. This newspaper article gives numbers of victims that were allegedly gassed at Auschwitz, ie 4,000,000. The plaque below stood at Auschwitz until 1990.

They were later replaced in 1995 with 20 metal plaques in various major languages bearing the inscription.

File:Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial text.JPG

“For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the Nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women, and children, mainly Jews from various countries of Europe. Auschwitz-Birkenau 1940 – 1945”

Notice now the main emphasis is on the suffering of Jews and the figure has dropped from “Four Million” to “About one and a half million”. So with a drop of perhaps One million Jews from the original Nuremberg Trials figure why is it still Six Million Jews?

From a Facebook post Jan 28th 2017

Here is a link to a site that I believe is supposed to be a counter argument and I think tries to imply anyone pointing the discrepancy out is deceitful.