The Sliding Floor of the Auschwitz Gas Chamber and the Tar Pits of Doom

I've just found this remarkable piece of evidence in the newspaper archive that an eyewitness and escapee from the Auschwitz (Oswiecim) death camp related to a press conference in Edinburgh in February 1945. Just days after the liberation of the camp by the Red Army. It just goes to show the elaborate lengths the Germans … Continue reading The Sliding Floor of the Auschwitz Gas Chamber and the Tar Pits of Doom


Holocaust by Electrocution at Belzec

Text reads At Belzec Camp deportees are stripped naked, ostensibly for bathing. They are then led to sheds with metal-plated floors, through which passes an electric current Death almost instantaneous. It could be easy to dismiss early reports of mass electrocutions at Nazi "extermination" camps as just erroneous anomalies and genuine mistakes of what members … Continue reading Holocaust by Electrocution at Belzec

Mad Dogs and Polish Murders

 -  It was worse than we thought. The Nazis had specially trained dogs to rip apart men women and children. The bodies fed into the crematorium produced the electricity to murder more people and the waterworks were designed to drown people. I'm surmising that the gas used was the slow release Zyklon B. Text reads: … Continue reading Mad Dogs and Polish Murders


Lampshades of human skin

Belfast News-letter -  Friday 15th August 1947 Lampshades made of human skin??? What kind of mind could come up with such a devilish creation? Of course only the Nazi mind could devise such horrors. Yet some vile degenerate people who refuse to believe everything they are told insist that stories like these were simply made … Continue reading Lampshades of human skin