Hitler digs up the dead to make soap

A little more Holohoaxery here (or should we say war time atrocity propaganda). Adolf Hitler digs up the dead to make soap. Sorry but this story doesn't wash. the tired old cliche of bodies into soap but hey ho why let truth get in the way of good propaganda. Text reads JEWS IN EUROPE German … Continue reading Hitler digs up the dead to make soap


The Steam Chambers of Treblinka

Here is a vivid account from 1943 by an actual eyewitness to the murderous steam chambers of Treblinka. It's strange that we don't hear anything more about those ghastly means of mass execution, yet here it is printed proof of their existence, or was it atrocity propaganda? The People - Sunday 07 November 1943 Here … Continue reading The Steam Chambers of Treblinka

No April Fools

No it's no April Fools joke. Apparently the Germans used Jews as horses according to this article. It's all true you've heard from the horse's mouth. Text reads: Doomed Jews As Horses WHEN all the Jews of Borisov ' were underground. 8.000 more were taken to the town from other areas and on their way … Continue reading No April Fools