Six Million Jews 1919

Yes I know it is well-trodden turf but it would be remiss of me not to post this fine example of the Six Million Jews meme from 1919 Text reads "Do You Know of a Single Gentile Charity Which Is Not Largely and Willingly Contributed to By. People of the Jewish Faith?" George Ade … Continue reading Six Million Jews 1919


6,000,000 Jews 1879

Source: Curiouser and curiouser! Here's an article from 1879 that seems to carry some common themes. 6,000,000 Jews, Palestine, Rothschild and prophecy. The writer appears to be dismissing a suggestion put forward by another writer about Jews buying up land in Palestine, displacing the existing population and creating a new society therein. Obviously such … Continue reading 6,000,000 Jews 1879

Six Million Jews Leitmotif

Irish Independent - Friday 24 February 1905 Well, well we have it all here. One could almost believe some of the conspiracy theorists judging by the commentary in this article...... Financial, journalistic??? and backbone of "Russian Socialism" (I think they later called it communism but I'll have to fact check that). I think there could be a … Continue reading Six Million Jews Leitmotif


And So It Begins

Pall Mall Gazette - Wednesday 20 July 1921 Well well, 1921. That's 12 years before old Adolf Hitler came to power and six million Jews faced extermination, wow it's almost like someone had written a script. Text reads; JEWS IN PERIL SIX MILLIONS FACING MASSACRE PARIS, Wednesday. A Berlin message says that in Russia six … Continue reading And So It Begins


Into the valley rode the six million

So it's in the middle of the war and the "six million Jews" appears yet again. At that time they are in a state of peril and not yet exterminated. I believe the six million figure is purely a symbolic number and not based on any accurate population figures. I've found the phrase in the … Continue reading Into the valley rode the six million


Six Million Jews- 1910

Just another mention of the six million mantra. It doesn't prove anything. It's just an example of the repetition of Six Million Jews meme before there was such things as memes.  


The Power of Six

Well it appears somebody poked a stick into a wasps nest by omitting to mention the "Six Million Jews" in a Holocaust memorial day speech Jan 27th 2017. let's take a closer look shall we. The first dummy to blow came in a tweet by Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL as the International Business Times … Continue reading The Power of Six