Six Million Jews Leitmotif

Irish Independent - Friday 24 February 1905
Six Million Jews

Irish Independent – Friday 24 February 1905

Well, well we have it all here. One could almost believe some of the conspiracy theorists judging by the commentary in this article…… Financial, journalistic??? and backbone of “Russian Socialism” (I think they later called it communism but I’ll have to fact check that). I think there could be a theme running here.

Text reads.

organisation in Germany, Franco, and Austria. The Jews have good cause to hate Russian rule, and it is from this race in its financial, journalistic, and other strongholds in Berlin, Vienna, Paris, and London that the Tsar’s Government has to meet its strongest and most resourceful foes. There are upwards of six million Jews in Russia. They are rightly discontented at the exceptional laws in operation against them. They are the backbone of what is termed Russian “Socialism,” and until Russian rulers learn the wisdom of justice in the treatment of alien races under their dominion, the Jews of Russia and of the world will continue to be the most vigilant and aggressive opponents of Russian I government_ and of its credit and policy, line the ranks of its many assailants

And So It Begins

1921 big one

Pall Mall GazetteWednesday 20 July 1921

Well well, 1921. That’s 12 years before old Adolf Hitler came to power and six million Jews faced extermination, wow it’s almost like someone had written a script.

Text reads;




PARIS, Wednesday.

A Berlin message says that in Russia six million Jews are facing extermination by massacre as famine spreads a counter-revolutionary movement and the control of the Soviet wanes, according to Dr, Joseph Kreinin, the well-known Jewish social worker and president of the Russian Joint Board of Jews’ Societies, who has just arrived in Berlin after escaping from Moscow. He states, that in Ukraine several villages have been burned and scores killed, seventy persons being slaughtered in one village alone. Dr. Kreinin is now on route to America, where he plans to hold series of meetings.

Into the valley rode the six million

Western Morning News – Friday 05 February 1943

So it’s in the middle of the war and the “six million Jews” appears yet again. At that time they are in a state of peril and not yet exterminated. I believe the six million figure is purely a symbolic number and not based on any accurate population figures. I’ve found the phrase in the newspaper archives going back to around 1825. It’s seems to have been repeated through history parrot fashion as the Jewish population figure for various countries eventually morphing into the number of Jews exterminated in the “holocaust”.

Text reads:

If Hitler consents to allow Jews to get away it will certainly not be for humanitarian reasons. He will try to get Fifth Columnists among them. He would welcome any opportunity to cause embarrassments to us with the Arabs, and he would seize any opportunity of trying to create or stimulate anti- Semitic feeling.

All these represent dangers to be faced in any scheme, and clearly nothing can be done except by international agreement. We can neither accommodate six million Jews here nor dictate the attitude of other Governments. These are facts to be borne in mind when the Government is criticized for moving too slowly.

Oh look, here’s the current population estimate of Israel. How odd

Notice the US figure hovers around six million too

Notice the US population figure hovers around six million too. Hmmm must just be a coincidence…

The Power of Six

Well it appears somebody poked a stick into a wasps nest by omitting to mention the “Six Million Jews” in a Holocaust memorial day speech Jan 27th 2017. let’s take a closer look shall we.

The first dummy to blow came in a tweet by Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL as the International Business Times reports.


Quickly followed by the NCRM


The Washington Post added their tuppence worth


The Daily Beast


Then the luvvie darlings at the Guardian add their spin


Then I don’t know why it would concern them but the Times of Israel joins in

Next another regurgitation

Now India wades into the fray.

The Chicago Tribune steps into the ring

More of the same

Continuing in the same vane

In a change from the norm it’s now 6

Yawn another one

Oo could this be fake news from CNN

Back to Times of Israel

The Independent has a bash

Up next the JTA

Oh here they are again

Back to the Washington Post

A couple of days later and now omitting mention of the Six Million Jews has now become Holocaust denial. Daily Mail

The Guardian is in of the Denial thing now


Now theyre out for blood as

Jewish Republicans chide Trump on Holocaust statement


He’s screwed now, the Zionists are in on it Ooo look another double tap of the Six Million


Now the name of the High Priest of the Holocaust has been invoked Helied Weasel


The ZOA again and notice how they had to bring Trudeau to heel and were criticising Trumps cabinet picks


More omission of the Six Million, pfft obviously vile Holocaust Deniers


Now this is worthy of slightly more attention. Omitting the Six Million is like a “gateway drug” to full blown Holocaust Denial and it must shut down.



“In the face of all the evidence, there are those who say that six million Jews were not murdered by the Nazis; or that the gas chambers never existed” They keep repeating about all the evidence. So where is it? where is the material physical evidence that the Nazis killed people in gas chambers. Oh thats right they destroyed all the evidence, they converted the gas chambers into innocent looking garages. All the lethal gas vans mysteriously vanished and they burnt every single incriminating document leaving no actual evidence at all. The bloody fiends.

We haven’t even got to February yet


Now, there are some rich pickings in this article So now they have wheeled in, ahem “Historian” Deborah Lipstadt


Oh they did mention the Six Million Jews in the article too.

The Weasel has been resurrected again in this one


Now the sports have entered the crucible


The Siren of the Holocaust rears her head again


Haha omg haha I nearly wet myself when I read

“Holocaust Remembrance Must Be ‘Historically Accurate'”hahah

That’s January done with,

The sycophantic reports continue ad nauseum and here I have only posted a few of  them as a lot are just news site regurgitating the same few sentences. February up next.

Jews return to Palestine 1920

Falkirk Herald – Wednesday 12th May 1920


JEWS RETURN TO PALESTINE.—“ I do not think there will anything’ like a general exodus of from this country,” said Weizman, Zionist leader, who has just returned London from Saint Remo, Press Association representative. “There is, however, likelihood that many Jews, how domiciled in England will there, he added. The object of. re-settlement. Weizman said, would be to make Palestine Jewish national home. Palestine can provide accommodation for about six million people, and Dr Weizinan anticipates that emigration, which will be largely from countries where Jews are oppressed, Russia and Poland, will soon begin. The scheme provides for the re-settlement during the hrd year from 25.000 to 30,000. but in the following year doubt the number dealt with reach 100.000. new civil administration of Palestine will begin in about a month, present Palestine is suffering from a shortage of houses. least 5000 are required to meet .the demands the immediate future. the work reconstruction begins in Palestine, and friendly co-operation with the. Arabs is established, it will contribute greatly settlement the Near East. think.’’ .-slid. that the role of the Jew to bring hack settled conditions into a part of the world which is present process being broken up” Plane have been a]approved for tire erection of Jewish university on the slopes of Mount Scopus. order accomplish the of the Jews in Palestine, a sum between £25.000.000 and £30,000.000 will required, but dot’s not anticipate any great difficulty in raising the money.


4,000,000 @ Auschwitz

Derby Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 16th April 1947


I know it is a well covered topic by revisionists but here is just my little contribution. Whenever you look up or question the Holocaust the inevitable figure of Six Million Jews arises. We are lead to believe this figure was arrived at from evidence during the Nuremberg Trials. This newspaper article gives numbers of victims that were allegedly gassed at Auschwitz, ie 4,000,000. The plaque below stood at Auschwitz until 1990.

They were later replaced in 1995 with 20 metal plaques in various major languages bearing the inscription.

File:Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial text.JPG

“For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the Nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women, and children, mainly Jews from various countries of Europe. Auschwitz-Birkenau 1940 – 1945”

Notice now the main emphasis is on the suffering of Jews and the figure has dropped from “Four Million” to “About one and a half million”. So with a drop of perhaps One million Jews from the original Nuremberg Trials figure why is it still Six Million Jews?

From a Facebook post Jan 28th 2017

Here is a link to a site that I believe is supposed to be a counter argument and I think tries to imply anyone pointing the discrepancy out is deceitful.