Auschwitz Conveyor Belt of Death

Auschwitz conveyor belt, Osweicim
Aberdeen Press and Journal – Saturday 03 February 1945

More evidence of the fiendish efficiency of the Germans. Not many people know that the Germans created a conveyor belt of death at Auschwitz that automatically electrocuted and immediately incinerated the Nazis victims and turned them into fertiliser.

Text reads:

                                                 MURDER CAMP “EFFICIENCY”
The great concentration camp at Osweicim, thirty miles west of Cracow, now in Russian hands, boasted a conveyor belt for the dead. With unparalleled ” efficiency ” it not only electrocuted the Nazis’ victims, but conveyed their bodies and dumped them in the furnaces where they were turned into powder almost immediately. As at Maidenek another notorious murder camp overrun by the Russians —nothing was wasted. The powder became fertiliser for the fields around the camp. “The first shock that Osweicim gives you is its enormous size,” writes Boris Polevoy, a well known Russian journalist, who has just visited the camp. “There are a dozen square miles saturated with human blood and blanketed with human ashes.



Holocaust by Electrocution at Belzec

Mass electrocutions at Belzec
Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – Wednesday 02 December 1942

Text reads

At Belzec Camp deportees are stripped naked, ostensibly for bathing. They are then led to sheds with metal-plated floors, through which passes an electric current Death almost instantaneous.

It could be easy to dismiss early reports of mass electrocutions at Nazi “extermination” camps as just erroneous anomalies and genuine mistakes of what members of the resistance thought they were witnessing but when the story is elaborated upon and repeated over time it becomes a different matter. Here is another example.

Mass electrocution of Jews at Belzec

Belzec Electrocution

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette – Tuesday 19 January 1943

A shocking report of mass electrocutions of Jews at Belzec concentration camp. Don’t remember being taught about that at school.

Text reads

At Belzec there is special camp for mass executions by electrocution. According to the latest reports 80.000 Jews were killed there in the space of two months. Of Lublin’s 30,000 Jews only 2.500 remain. Seventy per cent of these are women. Since July 22. at Warsaw, several dozen, sometimes hundreds of Jews have been killed every day. According to particulars given by the Polish National Council more than a million Jews have been murdered the Nazis in Poland since September, 1939


Undeniable Evidence 

Treblinka steam chambers

The Scotsman 15th December 1945 

More from the Nuremburg show trials. This article describes the mechanical methods of mass murder “gas and steam chambers as well as electric current” were used to slaughter Jews. Hmmm they don’t teach at school about steam and electricity being used even though they hold the Nuremburg trials as the pinnacle of justice and cannot be brought into question. 

They even mention the elusive gas vans. How many of those were ever found after the war?……. Oh that would be none

Recycled Holocaust

The long walk to the “Death Camp”. Busted is the myth of German efficiency. We are lead to believe that the Nazis rounded up Jews and herded them into cattle cars to be sent by highly efficient railway system to various extermination camps throughout occupied Europe. Well all was not as it seemed. Take this Death March for example.

Daily Record-Tuesday 19 March 1940 recycled
Daily Record- Tuesday 19th March 1940

The photograph above was smuggled out of Poland in 1940 depicting Polish Jews from Warsaw being marched of to a concentration camp.

Here photographed below are those same poor Jews almost three years later in 1943 still on the march to the death camp. Some are to be “electrocuted”. I would presume they were being marched to Belzec, the main camp for extermination by electrocution apparently. That was a grueling walk of some 300km so I suppose a three years walk could be about right.

Birmingham Daily Gazette-Saturday 02 January 1943 recycled
Birmingham Daily Gazette – Saturday 2nd January 1943

Text reads:


Told they are being transferred to a labour camp. Polish Jews march quietly away from a Warsaw ghetto between German soldiers. The Nazis practise this sham daily. The Jews start out hopefully, but they are only marching to their execution; Some are electrocuted, some meet their end In gas chambers. Victims of the unparalleled massacre of the Jewish population number hundreds of thousands. Evidence of this has been confirmed officially



Murders “en masse”

Falkirk Herald – Wednesday 23rd December 1942

Another example of the “electrocution” rumour.

Text reads:


Himmler, after a visit to Warsaw, ordered that one-half of the Polish Jews were to be killed in one year. In pursuance of this order deportations were carried out at the rate of ten thousand a day. Places of execution were organised at Chelm and Belzec, where murders “en masse” are carried out by means of electrocution and lethal gas. Early this month the State Department in Washington gave figures showing that the number of Jewish victims deported or “perished” since 1939 in Axis-controlled Europe had reached the appalling total of 2,000,000, and that 5,000,000 were in danger of extermination


German Murder Factory

Osweicim murder factory

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer- Saturday 3rd February 1945

Text reads:


 Conveyor Belt Killed Victims and Carried Them to Furnaces

 MOSCOW, Friday

 THE Osweicim murder factory puts even Maidenek in the shade.” This comment, from a correspondent who has visited the great concentration camp at Osweicim, in Silesia, now in Russian hands, covers a tale of horror. Osweicim, for example, boasted a conveyor belt for the dead. With unparalleled efficiency this not only electrocuted the Nazis’ victims, but also conveyed their bodies straight into furnaces.. ” The first shock that Osweicim gives you its enormous size,” writes Boris Polevoy, a well-known Russian journalist, in “Pravda ” to-day. There is dozen square miles saturated with human blood, and literally blanketed with human ashes. I saw enormous fields and vegetable gardens nestling the valleys of the Vistula and Sola Rivers, fertilised by the ashes and bone powder of the Nazi victims. ” This was a great industry, with many departments, each specialising in a certain function.. There were offices for sorting the victims, according to age and strength, according to whether they could perform some labour before they were executed. There were offices for old men, and for women and children and invalids who were condemned to immediate destruction.

1,500,000 VICTIMS

There was another department for semi-invalids, who were forced to sort the clothes of those who had already been murdered. “But the main department was the ‘smelting furnace’ (that is what the Nazis called it) where, after elaborate tortures, the victims were burned.” Nobody knows how many people died at Osweicim. But the estimate of 1.500,000 has been made, starting from the time when the Germans used the crude bullet, the days of electrocution and the “smelting furnace.” This much is known. Between 1941 until early in 1943, between five and eight trains a day, loaded to the limit with Russians, Poles, Jews, Czechs, Frenchmen and Jugoslavs, arrived at the Osweicim concentration camp. The railway wagons were always Jammed to the doors —which were sealed. The trains, staffed by men specially detached for this business, always returned from Oswelcim empty. Before Maidenek This was where the great technique of murder on a mass scale was first developed, long before Maidenek. The early methods here were primitive, says Polevoy. The Nazis made their victims lie prone the bottom of a ditch, machine-gunned them, piled another row top of them and then made the next victims fill in what was left of the ditch. There are literally several hundreds of these old ” graves” still left at Osweicim. Later, more methods were Introduced. Plant was mechanised, gas-chambers built, and ” smelting furnaces and crematoria erected. Then Maidenek was discovered, and the Germans—at Osweicim—got into a panic. When they saw retreat was certain they tried to hide the evidence of their mass murder, just as they had done Maidenek. Polovey writes: “The portable apparatus for the extermination of children was removed, and the gas chambers were altered and rebuilt into innocent-looking garages. But the evidence of the annihilation millions people cannot wiped out entirely. And there are still inmates of the camp here who can tell the whole story.

. “Then Maidenek was discovered, and the Germans—at Osweicim—got into a panic. When they saw retreat was certain they tried 10 hide the evidence of their mass murder,”

Hide the evidence?

Yes because those fiendish Nazis knew that if they were captured and tried by a Soviet court without any evidence of mass murder the Communists would simply have to let them go free!